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  1. There are several good sims. I, honestly, would not recommend LME just due to the fact that there is a lot of bot scripting to level up DCS meters... so sometimes it will look busy, but everyone is AFK. The best sims, IMHO, are Byss (for Sith RP), Coruscant (for neutral RP), and Tython (for Jedi RP) Each has its benefits and weanesses: Byss - if you're not looking for Sith RP, it can be hard to get things going. The sim owner and builder have both tried to foster an environment that is condusive to multiple factions (introduction of a Lower City, for example) and are actively looking for people to build up. I will say it is probably the best overall build in SWRP (though I'm sure some will say I'm bias, as my RP is done there) Coruscant - an attempt to make it an "Everything" sim (Sith, Jedi, etc) has caused some issues. I cannot speak on the overall quality of the RP there; however, it is a good place to find a lot of active players. I have only heard rumors of issues with sim management so I will only advise to be on the lookout for issues, but will not steer anyone clear of it. For Jedi RP, I confess to being not nearly as comfortable in making suggestions. I'm more than happy to help you find one though. Anyway, if you're looking to RP, I'm on Byss as Dark Lady Periculosa. Good luck and have fun!
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