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  1. Hi, Been away for a while and getting back into SL. Looking to make new friends, or even connect with families to hang out with, go dancing, exploring, or just chatting and enjoying my time in sl. Seems most sims I go into are empty now days. Would love to connect with people or a family. Love dancing, shopping, flying, sailing, biking, exploring pretty much anything. I am pretty laid back, mellow person who just comes to sl to enjoy have some fun and connect with others. Love to hear back from anyone interested. Happy SLing
  2. Have Land for rent, It is Private entry homestead .. friends can only come in using your personal group only Area = 21840 sq.m. (Lots of land) Prims = 1249(the 7th is used for the box) Tier is only $2000L a wk Contact me: MrTuvixx Raymation Thanks
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