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  1. I executed "$ sudo service network-manager restart" and rebooted. This did not solve it. The bandwidth test of my preferred server at: http://tucson.speedtest.net/ shows 234.87Mbps download and 23.74 Mbps upload. The bandwidth is set a recommended at: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_speedtest
  2. LR has two different classes of bow: Genesis and Elite. Most of their features are common to both, but there are also features each has the other does not. Which of these is the one to use for raids in Gor?
  3. Toggling wireframe did not solve the problem, nor does relofgging. I am working to get the compiled for MS Windows version of Firestorm running under Wine now.
  4. Objects & Sculpts LOD was set at 2. Changing it to 4 did not solve the problem. Here are more details Firestorm configuration: CPU: AMD FX-4350 Quad-Core Processor (1400 MHz) Memory: 16014 MB OS Version: Linux 4.4.0-59-lowlatency #80-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 6 21:04:05 UTC 2017 x86_64 Graphics Card Vendor: nouveau Graphics Card: Gallium 0.4 on NVCF OpenGL Version: 3.0 Mesa 11.2.0 RestrainedLove API: RLV v3.1.4 / RLVa v2.1.0.52150 libcurl Version: libcurl/7.47.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1i zlib/1.2.8 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.8 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.61 LLCEFLib/CEF Version: 1.5.3-(CEF-OSX-3.2171.2069-32) LibVLC Version: 2.2.3 Voice Server Version: Vivox 3.2.0002.10426 Settings mode: Firestorm Viewer Skin: Firestorm (Grey) Font Used: Deja Vu (96 dpi) Font Size Adjustment: 0 pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 128 m Bandwidth: 1500 kbit/s LOD factor: 2 Render quality: Medium (3/7) Advanced Lighting Model: No Texture memory: 512 MB (1) VFS (cache) creation time (UTC): 2017-1-20T19:5:51 Built with GCC version 40702 Packets Lost: 0/5487 (0.0%) January 20 2017 21:13:07 SLT
  5. Clearing cache did not solve it. I have a ethernet cable line to the router in the house, and Internet is delivered to the house by cable. I was running 500 Kbps. Doubled this, but the problem persists.
  6. I find there are objects I cannot see that others can. When I visited the SAIS Village sim I found myself standing over water. From there I could see no walls on the land, just windeows, doors, fireplacess, and a few but I suspect not all, avatars. In later IM conversation with someone I met there then I found out I was standing on a large ship I never saw. There also had to have been a dock that I also never saw, because I saw other avatars walk over water too and from where I was standing. I have not experienced this at any other sim. Now I have similar problem on a much smaller scale with a set of bondage gear that are included with my membership at Serenity Lost. The wrist and ankle cuffs I can see. The elbow cuffs and blindfold I cannot. So I went to the Serenity Lost Safe House to find out if others can see them. They could so I thought at the time I have a viewer issue. But later I found I still cannot see these items in the Linden Labs Viewer. In Firestorm I am able to open the editor on these bondage items I cannot see by left clicking on the item's listing in Inventory and selecting Edit. The Edit window opens, and the location of the item is shown by the red, green. and blue 3D cursor that displays the item's 3 axis. If in the Edit window I checkmark the "Show Highlight" checkbox I am able to see the item in highlight. What has gone wrong here? Why is it that only I am unable see these items when not highlighted? I am using the 64 Bit Firestorm viewer version 5.0.1 (52150) in Firestorm mode in Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS with 16GB Memory. Graphics Card info: description: VGA compatible controller product: GK104 [GeForce GTX 760 OEM] vendor: NVIDIA Corporation physical id: 0 bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0 version: a1 width: 64 bits clock: 33MHz capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0 resources: irq:31 memory:fc000000-fcffffff memory:d0000000-d7ffffff memory:d8000000-d9ffffff ioport:e000(size=128) memory:fe000000-fe07ffff
  7. There are gorean sims that forbid multiscripted arrows. What is a multiscripted arrow? What is their advantage in combat? Why would a gorean sim adminstrator forbid them?
  8. If a panther decides to sell a captive into slavery instead of trade for the captive's release, or perhaps sell a slave such as a supplicant slave in the Sa di Sani tribe who has failed to pass the tests soon enough, in what market, auction, or to whom might the slave be sold? Would they be sold for Lindens as is done at the Slave Auction Group? Or would Lindens be forbidden just as it is forbidden to use Lindens in trade for a captive's release? In BtB coin would not be useful in the forest. But in BtB panthers did trade with the outside world (mostly other women from the outside world, men were terrified of them). They also sold captives into slavery to the outside world at exchange points. These captives for sale where displayed by hanging them from a suspension rig. In these excerpts: http://www.thegoreancave.com/research/panther_girls.php?offset=480 there is "Some of the girls were rifling in the wagons, gathering food, coins and drink, cloth, knives, whatever they wished. They were now ready to depart." If a panther did not value coin then coin would not be taken. I am getting the sense that most, if not all, panthers would not sell or keep a captive if the person behind that avatar would not tolerate his RP going that way (even if there is nothing about it in profile limits, and regardless of having the right to according to sim rules), and would instead take the RP in another direction.
  9. Since starting this thread I have learned that the GM Crafting System is no more. It was ended because the only interest in it by most, if not all, people was the acquisition of bandages needed for combat. Also because it was discovered that coins could be counterfeited which a lot of people did, and this resulted in many having thousands of coin. It is goods created in the GM Crafting system I originally thought would be used to trade for captives. There is the G & S system but I have learned goods produced within it are not used for this trading. And most, if not all, sims forbid the use of Lindens to trade for them. So now the question is what, if anything, of value might be exchanged for a captive?
  10. I am aware that if at the time of capture the captive does not have a maximum captivity time limit in his profile there is no limit on how long the captive can be kept, and RP trading him for anything, or releasing him, at any time in the future would be entirely the panther's perrogative. Also there are sims that have as a rule permanent captivity that override profile limits (e. g. Forest of Gor). If the captive is not happy with it, and is unable to realistically RP his escape, he can relog into an off sim location. A locked collar, that also might have the panther listed as an owner can be detached by turning off the viewer's RLV, or by logging in using the Linden Labs viewer. But getting out of it in this shameful and dishonerable way would violate sim rules, result in his being banned from the panther's sim, and likely his being banned from the panther's personal RP. To have a game the players must agree to, and adhere to, the game's rules. Otherwise no game is possible. It is the case where a captive is traded for that I am curious about. I have read in sim rules that captives can, and are, traded for. I am seeking knowledge of how this is done.
  11. When a male raider is captured and kept by Panthers, and his release is traded for with GM goods (bandages, coin, etc), what is a typical price for getting such a captive back?
  12. At Markz Weapons I see weapons offered that have the neXgen logo such as: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Driftwood-Bow/2263478, and weapons that have the WTG logo such as: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Marksman-Bow/6687186. But none have both, as if there was something causing these two to be mutually exclusive. For gorean combat during raids and such which of these two weapon groups are the ones to purchase from?
  13. I got my G900 I has a variable number of buttons because there are inserts that can change the side buttons from one button to two. I was disappointed that this G900 mouse does not have an Ubuntu driver. I therefore have little more functionalily from it than a standard three button mouse with wheel. Each side of this mouse has a pair of buttons when the option to insert the plastic for those buttons is exercised. The xev command shows that a button on the left side triggers the same event as the similar button on the right side. This effectively reduces the number of buttons that have unique functions. The three buttons behind the wheel on top did not trigger any event at all. The wheel functions as three buttons. It can be pushed down, or to the left, or to the right. These do trigger three unique events. The total of unique button functions I have is 7. I see the Razor Naga also does not have Ubuntu drivers. The Logitech low friction mouse pad has greatly reduced friction and stiction. Targeting is much easier now.
  14. I have several outfits for my Niramyth Enzo avatar. Each one of then requires a different alpha layer pattern. I need to switch between outfits using only "Replace Current Outfit" without also having to open the alpha HUD to select or load the appropriate alpha pattern. At the same time, I do not want a complete copy of the avatar for each outfit. If I want to make a change to the avatar, such as skin color, I want the change to apply to all outfits. So as much as possible, for each outfit, I want to link to one common Inventory directory which contains as much of the avatar as possible. In a specific outfit's inventory folder I want a copy of the minimum number of avatar item(s) required to remember a unique alpha pattern for that outfit. I need to know which avatar items should be copied into an outfit's folder to accomplish this (the rest of the items to be links to a folder common to all outfits). What are the minimum Niramyth Enzo avatar folder items that would accomplish this? In essence, I need to know which avatar inventory object(s) stores the alpha data.
  15. Thanks for your suggestion. Since posting this I have made a tentative decision on the equipment below, and would appreciate any opinions regarding it: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g900-chaos-spectrum-mouse Logitech G440 A low friction mousepad: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g440-hard-gaming-mouse-pad I chose this hardware for its low friction and sticktion. What I do not understand is the spec where it says "Buttons: 6-11". This is hardware; How could it have a variable number of buttons between six and eleven? Also since posting this question I have watched gorean combat videos on YouTube, and have see the combatant who took the video have a similar problem. I have also seen forum postings where the poster suspected that adversaries who were too good at tracking a target while they were running, or when the target was evading with back and forth movements, were suspected of cheating with automatic trackers. This hardware will help because the set up I have now has a lot of both friction and sticktion. But I also know the hardware will not do it alone. Skill will also be required.
  16. Singuilarity''s default mouselook weapon aiming sight is a small box with white corners. It is too small for me. Several times I have lost it in the background at critical times in action, especially in light colored backgrounds, and so lost hit opportunities in the breif amount of time it took to find it. Is there a way to change this box to crosshairs, and control the crosshairs's size?
  17. While hunting at Beholder it has become apparent I will not be able to keep up with a prey's constant changes in direction using the mouse I have. At Beholder the Hunter and Hunted roles are fixed. But if I go up against panther girls in the gorean sims where predator and prey roles are not fixed, I know with this set up I will end up being the prey, not the predator. Please recommend a gaming mouse with which it will be easier to track moving targets, and changes in direction. What I have now is the standard three button optical mouse.
  18. The minimum I recommend for SL is a GTX760. If you can, get a GTX 980. The Asus STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5 can be gotten relatively cheap, and it is quiet. The GTX 980 can consume a lot of power when worked hard. You should add up all the power consumers and compare with you supply. If you do not have enough power I recommend Seasonic Snow Silent 750 Power Supply.
  19. I have a Niramyth Enzo avatar (this is mesh). I need to know where the alpha information is stored in this avatar because I need a different alpha pattern for different outfits. I thought this would be in "AESTHETIC - [Alpha] Full Body - Visible Eyes" so I created an instance of it for each needed alpha pattern. But I found the alpha information does not seem to be stored there. Please tell what Enzo object needs to have its own instances for different alpha patterns to be stored? Is it the clothing layers? When I created the new instances of "AESTHETIC - [Alpha] Full Body - Visible Eyes" I renamed them to make it easy for me to keep track of which of which instance would go with which outfit. Could that have broken something?
  20. What is says in my World Map is that Tauros is Mature.
  21. The house that was included in my premium membership is in the Tauros Region, It's Theme is Elderglen, and the design is Abbot's Haven. This house has a large outdoor patio about the same size the rooms are. I need to now what the rules are as to what activity is allowed on this patio. Is nudity permitted? Is sex permitted? Is it permissible to put structures on this patio to keep such activity out of view (unless of course a voyeur peers in using an extended Look At) ?
  22. If the same item is rezzed twice does its LI number count once or twice against the LI limit?
  23. I am shopping for items to put in the home I got with my premium membership. On these items I see a prim count, and a land impact count (LI). Most of the time these two counts are the same. Some times they are different and I have seen a case where it is very different. I need to know which of these counts are counted against the prim limit of 117. This is important because I expect to max out this limit.
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