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  1. I tried to put a picture in my Linden Home's Place Profile. In Firestorm I went to World => Location Profile and the Place Profile window opened. I clicked on the upward pointing arrow head in the lower right corner and found "Make a Landmark" and "Create Pick" grayed out. Is it possible to replace the default picture that has the big question mark in it in my Linden Home's Place Profile with a picture of my own?
  2. I found out how this is done. The foliage is toggled by Ctrl Alt Shift 2.
  3. I have several times forgotten to stand up from furniture such as a chair before teleporting out to another sim. I find that when I do so I am locked into the pose I was in while sitting in the sim I left. The only solution I have found is to find something to sit on in the new sim and stand up from it. Is there a way to break out of the pose other than finding something to sit on?
  4. Is there a way for me to include in a gesture a message in local chat only I can see? I need this so I can have feedback regarding mouse button pushes. My mouse has a 12 button thumb grid, most of which have shortcut keybindings to gestures that control weapons. I am using the Firestorm 5.0.7 viewer.
  5. The trees were not entirely derendered. The tree trunks are still there, and some of them still have branches. It is difficult for me to believe that she went to each tree in the combat zone and selected each bit of foliage to derender.
  6. I know there is a lot of foliage because I did a long distance cam to that very place from the Talender Moon Mall. I saw a lot of foliage at that location in that Valkyrie Forest sim. Also in the video the foliage can be seen briefly at 7:36 when Niccole ties up a captive. In the video Niccole is using a feature in her viewer that makes foliage invisible so she can better see and target the enemy combatants. I am seeking to know what she did.
  7. In the video below I notice the viewer has been set to eliminate all foliage. The trees have no leaves, and and except for short grass, the ground is bare. What setting in Firestorm does this?
  8. I have prepared weapon command macros for my Roccat Nyth mouse's buttons to control my bow and sword. Sending a weapon command macro puts the chat window in focus which makes the WASD keys enter characters in local chat instead of move my avatar. To get moving again ASAP I need the macro's last characters to get the chat window out of focus. I attempted to do this with the Escape character. This does work, but unfortunately it also knocks my viewer out of mouselook. I cannot have this. In combat I could be defeated in the time it takes for me to get back to mouselook. So this is not an acceptable solution. Ctrl+H will remove focus from the chat window. Unfortunately it does this by closing the chat window which I need to remain on screen. Also it is a toggle. If the chat window is closed this will do the opposite of what I need. What is a better way for a macro to get the chat window out of focus?
  9. For simulating the acceleration of gravity the server has values ranging from 100 down to -250 to control how much gravitational acceleration an object will have. I know that 100 is no acceleration, and downward acceleration increases with decreasing value. What I do not know is the conversion of this number to acceleration in G units. What is this? I am asking because I have two bow weapons. Each of them has the ability to control how much downward gravitational acceleration their arrows will have. For this the command for one of them accepts the server values from 100 to -250. The command for the other accepts it in G units. I need to know how to calculate values to make gravitational acceleration for arrows shot from each of them the same. The bows are from LR Weapons, and Jungle WeaponS.
  10. The Gorean Meter aka GM Meter or GM Combat Meter is not sold. It is freely given away at the docks of hundreds of gorean combat sims, and all the major gorean weapons stores. The documentation that comes with it is inadequate. I am hoping someone who has used those functions of that meter will see this thread and answer. I thought of it as a request for technical information about them.
  11. The GM Combat Meter has three rows on the right side its HUD. These are labeled "RP Chan", "GRP Chan", "MOD Chan". The text of each can be made dark or brightly colored by clicking on them. In addition there is a radio button to the left, and adjacent to, each line of text such that only one of the three buttons can be active at time. What do all these controls do? What is the meaning of their texts? What do those adjacent radio buttons do?
  12. In the gorean combat bow and sword weapons I am becoming familiar with there are options to play weapon drawing and sheathing animations. If these options are in effect will they cause an additional lag between the draw command issuance and the weapons availability to strike or shoot? Does an enabled bow and arrow shooting animation cause lag between trigger and shot?
  13. In the LR Weapons bow's instruction notecard: Has anyone who has been in combat had this trouble with default channel 1? Should I decide to use other than the weapon's default chat channel, I will need to know how to choose a chat channel for this. The bow's instruction notecard seems to indicate it is a tactic to jam channel 1. So I need to know what other channels to avoid, and what channels are lease likely to get in the way of other functions.
  14. I am looking for hair that has a stripe shaved into as is done to slaves owned by the panther girls on gor: If you know of an SL vendor that makes hair with a shaved stripe like this please let me know.
  15. Programing to play key-presses is what I will have to do. Right now I do not know how to do that in my OS which is Ubuntu.
  16. I do use the left mouse button. I have a Logitech G900 mouse I intend to use in combat in gorean sims. I need to make use of its many buttons to manage weapons.
  17. In Firestorm need to play gestures available at Comm => Gestures not just by keyboard shortcut keys, but also by mouse keys. When I edit a gesture I do not see mouse keys listed in the "Shortcut Key:" selection boxes. Can a mouse button be bound to a gesture in Firestorm? Or does this have to be done in the operating system? My OS is Ubuntu.
  18. I am concerned that if I purchase an avatar from the current market the investment will soon be made obsolete by Project Bento.
  19. I do not understand the question "why would people buy it and not the original?" I am not a vendor. I am seeking to create avatars for personal use, not to sell on any maket. About MakeHuman: http://www.makehuman.org/ About Blender: https://www.blender.org/ About Avastar: http://www.machinimatrix.org/avastar/ 'Well... If it were just like a Maitreya Lara and all the vertex weighting matched perfectly, any clothing for that would work." That is essentially included in what I am asking, and hoping someone knows. If I go above route will there be clothing in the marketplace that can used on the resulting avatar?
  20. I am considering using Avastar to make avatars for use in Second Life, and I would most likely start this with an export from MakeHuman to Blender. I need to know that once made what clothing is available in the Second Life Marketplace for such and avatar, and what to look for in the clothing description to detemine compatibility with it.
  21. Yes. I have done this from Radar, and also from Nearby Avatars. From the Safe House in the sky what I get is a dark screen (it is always night in this sim), as if the zoom went as far as it could go against a drawing distance limit. I could zoom in on any avatar in the region only if I am on the RP area. But I have solved it by going to Avatar => Preferences => Move & View and checking the "Disable camera constraints" checkbox.
  22. I am using the Firestorm viewer. In a sim where there is a safe house 2500m above the RP area I have learned there are others who can view all the way to the RP area's ground level from the safe house. How are they able to do that? In my Firestorm installation at Avatar => Preferences => Graphics => General (tab) => Draw distance (slider) this slider can only be set to a maximum of 1024 meters, which is not hardly enough to view what those others are able to. Can viewing to ground level from the safe house in this sim be done in Firestorm? If so, how?
  23. This was not a problem that is specific to a single sim. I had the same problem not just at SAIS but also at Serenity Lost. There were walls. floors. and roofs on buldings I could not see. In these buildings's upper floors I could see beds, other furniture, and avatars suspended in air. I finally got tech support from Serenity Lost staff that allowed me to fix it for both sims. Because I have easily enough disk space tech support reocmmended that in my Firestorm viewer I go to Avatar => Preferences => Network & Files => Directories (tab) => Cache size (slider) and move this slider all the way to the right so it is set at 9984MB. Part of the problem was I did not have a large enough cache, Recommended also was to go to Avatar => Preferences => Graphics => General (tab) => Draw distance and set this to 1024 meters. The reason is to reduce lag by having everything pre-rendered as I move about the sim. I set mine to 512 meters because I rarely go to multi region sims, and a region is 256x256 meters. Then I am assured everything is rendered as few times as necessary. I was then told to clear cache by Avatar => Preferences => Network & Files => Connections (tab) => Clear Browser Cache (menu button) and restart Firestorm. After doing all of the above the visibility problem was solved. I was able to see everything in both sims.
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