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  1. ...and remember to tick the tilia check box 🤔
  2. If i may have my 2 lindens worth on this topic... Is it possible to talk to others on this grid. Yes. Is it possible to interact and even make friends on this grid. Yes. Is it possible to start a RL relationship? Possibly .. BUT... Really be upfront about that you are after a RL relationship, and make quite sure that others you seek are the same. Also many avatars look nothing like the real life person (some do look like their real life person however.) This is an international grid. The chance of meeting someone that is not in your country is quite possible. Some people build, script, explore etc, and have no desire to do much social on the grid. Personally, i think you would have more luck at a reputable dating site than here... Also, there are people out there that will play with your feelings.. Please be careful and good luck, for i feel you will need it. Hopefully that wasn't too direct, but to the point.
  3. Did anyone notice that full regions are reduced 20 usd? This offsets the cost of membership from 72 to 99 usd lol (Remember that 99 usd is approx 145 aud at current exchange rates) Actually, i have been expecting a price rise for a while..
  4. This thread should almost be in the role play section of the forums..☺️
  5. Well, that's SL for you! (rolls on floor laughing...)
  6. I have a copy of Haiku on a old machine that doesnt do much anymore.. Oh btw.. here is a link if you haven't heard of it.. https://www.haiku-os.org/ Windows 10 is my main machine...
  7. As far as i know, there are no display houseboats you can visit( like a display house in a new RL housing estate, ) but the majority of houseboats seem to be around bengali sim, navigation sim, crowsnest sim, and other sims surrounding those sims. NOTE.. these houseboats are already owned by avatars, and i doubt they would like others crawling all over their houseboat, but you could cam it from a short distance away tho...
  8. Hmm i was going to say block the object, but i think someone already did..
  9. I doubt it.. someone mentioned at one stage they use a data center near arizona somewhere, The downtime sounds like a server migration to me...
  10. Does minecraft count? My pc is a bit old lol
  11. I am fairly sure this has been covered already, but senpai literally means elder or senior (as in person). sensei is a teacher, usually referring to martial arts. There isnt anything sexual about that, its just when they make hentai look like pron lol
  12. Are we chatting about town names? how about in austria there's a place called f***ing ! Google it!
  13. Here you go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLTZctTG6cE
  14. Anyone know if we get the houseboat, do we also get the bit of beach that is shown in the pic? Also are the houses adult rated? (Refers to the the piles of bdsm and adult pose ball stuff to do naughty things to my alt with lol)
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