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  1. Please contact me when you are inworld and of course if the land is still available... Thank you!
  2. If the land is still available, please contact me inworld... I get confused about the land on your picture here and the land you are selling... "Size is 8944 m² with 3070 Prims allowed." what I see "About Land" is 1872 m2 for sale and 3120 m2 not for sale ??? Please let me know... Thank you!
  3. Hi, If you want you can check it out at Global Ample International City: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aixinjueluo Island/117/145/301 Aegean Island: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aixinjueluo Island/121/29/891 The rent is by Month for Business Vendors: L$1,800 a month which is L$450 a week, with 500 Prims for Business. When you get to the Main TP Point, escalator doen to the middle level where you can see the Photo TP Station, with a directory showing you which station take you to the destination you want. Aegean Island is a Parcel that is use for weekly market street, which we are still planning and this parcel can also have an Adult area... If you like you can go check it out and let me know... :-)
  4. Is the SIM still available? what is the Prims? what style is the SIM? can I move the SIM Next to my existing SIM? Thank you for your reply!
  5. Is the SIM still available? 20K or 30K Prims? what is the style of the SIM? can I move the SIM next to my existing SIM? Thank you!
  6. Where is the SIM? can I move it next to my existing Full Region? What is the style of the Full SIM? Flat? or with Mountain?
  7. Anyways... I thank you all for spending your time giving me advice and assist me here... there is still i need to learn, I guess I purchase the island too early thinking that Second Life is just a game and people should not abuse other people's work and time... :-) I will ask more questions here if I encounter other strange things again, I just hope I won't, its a full year of build, fix, rebuild and fix... lol... I sincerely appreciated and thank you all assisting me with answers I don't know about... Thank you!
  8. my board has gone to my Trash with it when I delete the 4 invisible objects...
  9. You are right, now it shows that I own it... these object has been scattered on all my 3 Parcels...
  10. usually I found out there is two way to save after rezzing it... one is Save the other is Store... I use the Save ... is this correct?
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