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  1. as for your backstory idea. I agree. I usually go with different backstories for every race, and the world as a whole, but allow players to have their own backstories for their characters, as long as it at least would be canon to the game world.
  2. Now, I don't plan on having sex or nudity. It's gonna be a moderate rated sim. So, I am ok with allowing child avatars.
  3. Most sim ban child avatars because there is adult oriented activies such as sex. That is the reason they are banned in Gorean RP sims.
  4. I am starting up an original radio station to play on second life, Open Sim, and on the web. I am looking for talented DJ's to run segments, as well as any original musicians, comedians, etc...who would be interested in having their original materials played on air. In addition to original material we will also be airing a mixed of copyrighted rock, country, pop, and hip hop, as well as airing original talk segments on politics, sports, entertainment, fashion, etc...
  5. I am currently working on starting a new action adventure roleplay. This is not based on any books, television, movies, comics, games, etc....It will have an original storyline, races, game world, etc..... I plan on using a combat system similar to what is used on Gorean roleplay sims. I need help creating the starting storylines, races, etc., I am also looking for bulders who can help put together a sim once I get land for it.
  6. I'm not sure what the store is called, but there is a small shop in Bay City which sells full sized drivable models of various Plymouth vehicles. I bought their 1958 Plymouth Fury (the car from the movie Christine) and it said to allow 15 minutes for delivery. I never received it. I am still out the L$1000 I paid for it. Does anyone know what this store is called, or better yet, who owns it, so I can contact them?
  7. If this land is still available I may be interested.
  8. Ok, I am looking for 512m2 of land. I prefer it to be in a city/urban location. I do not require an existing building, as I can simply build my own, but I would be willing to pay more for one with a building already on it.
  9. I considered creating an original radio company. It would involve 3 stations In-World News; Real-World News In-World Music; Playing original music from SL bands and artists I would sell advertisement space to In-World clubs and stores, and companies. If I could afford it, I would also buy a blanket licence and start stations for Real-World music too.
  10. I have seen several land owners advertising grandfathered regions and claiming that that as long as the transfer fee is paid, the region retains it's grandfathered status. I have seen several threads on the forum claiming that once the original owner sells it, it loses it's status no matter what, and can only retain it if rented with owner rights. Which is it?
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