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  1. I would like to see an official Linden Labs response to this question. While BMI and ASCAP agree that it is the "Business Owners" responsibility and that even if the DJ is an "Independent Contractor" (owns his/her own business) the venue (Nightclub, website, etc ...) is still responsible for the licensing NOT THE DJ, Linden Labs states that you cannot share Intellectual Property which you do not have permission to share on thier service. Since SL broadcasts music in EVERY PART of the SL world that is covered by the ASCAP and various international copyright management companies, it should be able to be safely assumed that they have obtained those broadcast rights and that music from those libraries (which are EXCLUSIVELY rebroadcast within SL) are already protected by those licenses. If, however, a ShoutCast or IceCast (as examples) is broadcast both within and OUTSIDE of SL, a seperate license would need to be held by that individual broadcaster.
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