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  1. Thank you all for the great suggestions. I have been keeping the boxes that most of my VIP Hair and Shoes come in. Is it better to save those in another box, or just in the folder that I have opened in my inventory? (Hope that makes sense!!) And yeah, I think I will start saving the sizes Im not using now. Throwing them away felt so wasteful, and my grandma would have a fit seeing me throwing all that away!! Ruby xx
  2. I've read a few long posts from earlier in time but I didn't find anything that helped!! So I'm going to ask here which I hope is the right spot. I currently wear a Belleza Freya body and it's the only mesh body I own. To cut back on inventory, I have been deleting all Matraya and Slink option from purchases, wether clothes or shoes. I keep the Belleza sizes in case I decide at some point to buy one of the other two. My first question is does anyone think there is a reason to keep the Slink and Matraya items and if so is there a way to store them out of my regular inventory (box or other options??) Or is there a way that I could "donate" these things to people just starting with those mesh bodies?? I hate trashing them, I've paid for them. But I just can't use them!! Ruby xx
  3. Talligurl thank you for your respone and your message! I wont be back online until about 6pm SLT time, but I will be sure to get back with you! Its good that you have such a great guy that doesnt mind cuddles now and then! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Neilina You are soooo right! I am in US Central time, so I am 2 hours ahead of SLT time. Most days I am in world from 12pm SLT time to 10pm SLT time. Wednesdays are my busy days in RL, so its usually a bit later those days. I do have terrible sleeping habits so sometimes you can find me at all hours of the night (or day??) Thank you for your help Neilina!!! Ruby xx
  4. I am a shy, reserved lady that would like to find a woman to share my SL experience with. I am not much into role play though I have never done much of it. No D/s interest at this point. It doesn't even have to be of a sexual nature, but I do love cuddles, slow dancing, and holding hands. Without sounding terrible, I would prefer someone feminine vs more masculine. I am of BiSexual nature in RL (and married). I am and want to stay drama free! I love to find beautiful places to take photos, am a freebie fanatic and have my own home. I am not rich but can pay my way. I love shoes and hair!! :) You can message me @ mommysprincessruby Ruby xx
  5. Merry Meet Wyona!!! I am very solitary eclectic pagan that would also love to find a great group of fellow practitioners and learners!! It surprises me that there isn't more of us in world. I'd love to chat sometime!! You can find me online about the same times as you, though some nights I'm on much later due to terrible sleeping habits. Shyness is a problem for me too, until you get me talking!! You can message me @ mommysprincessruby I am on daily!! Ruby xx
  6. Hi Clarice!! Could you please send me an invite?? I think I have one last group spot open!! I'd also be happy to help you coordinate get togethers if you need!! Ruby xx
  7. So I've been a SLifer for 8 months now and know nobody. I honestly am quite shy, don't go to clubs or other community events. I mainly love to take photos, hoard free stuff, and play Barbie with my KittyCats running around. I have no "family" or significant other and the only RL friend I have that introduced me to SL isn't around right now. I am a lady in both SL and RL but I welcome all sexes, colors, furry, etc. I do want to stay drama free!! Ruby xx Edit: Ishould add if you would like chat or whatever, you can find me @ Mommysprincessruby in world.
  8. Thank you all for the help!!! Yes, I was meaning the classic rigged mesh. I have a few of those outfits that I will try. I sadly was cleaning house one day and deleted my whole folder of outfits I had collected over my short life (Only three months old ) So, Ill pull out the few I have and try. I think the issue will be with my breasts, and this Mesh body is specifically made larger in the butt and breast areas. I do also have a small collection of Omega clothing, so I may just have to stick with that for now while I save up my monthly "allowance" I get IRL. I have glanced at the Slink bodies, and a few of the others. I just dont generally have the Lindens to slap down on one. Once again, you all are great!!!
  9. Yeah long title :catembarrassed: Ok. I have a G Inc. Perfect Body. It's my first mesh body and I like it quite a bit. My problem is so many of the mesh/fitted mesh clothing is low cut in the chest area. The way the body alpha is cut when I try to hide my breasts to wear these low cut outfits you can "see thru" to my inside. Hopefully that makes sense??? So basically I am stuck with no low cut anything. Outside of the maker having to change the whole alpha table is there something I can do to wear these clothes? And I suppose since I'm here, with a mesh body, can I wear "classic" mesh clothing or just the fitted mesh?? Thank you in advance for your assistance!! Ruby xx
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