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  1. What am I now getting? Sorry but you do not think for me. It is quite simple.
  2. I'm sorry I thought you was confusing me for someone else. Read into however you like. Make your own conclusions.
  3. Who is Maddy? See how not taking someone for their word creates trouble?
  4. Well.. it's quite simple. If you are spending majority of your time telling others not to believe you. You are lying to them. Please do not take this outta context. I could of said something else but perhaps I would of been wrong? And I did not warn others, I never mentioned a grain of salt, I never claimed anyone was leading anyone astray. I just asked them a question, if your an Advisor, why would you convince people not to believe you? That's All!
  5. I'm not the type of person to lead other's astray. I hope that answer's your curiosity. And you're an Advisor?
  6. I think it's a great way to load textures. And totally unaware someone else has figured this out. ☺️
  7. Whatcha Gonna Do? When Second Life Runs Wild On You? πŸ˜‚
  8. I concur with the others that it's not the best path to take unless it's for Rp purposes only.
  9. Correct.. and if it's mesh you can use 8. Just figured I would mention it. πŸ˜‰
  10. Here is a tip if you want your texture to appear quicker. If you target a separate hidden prim .010 x .010 x .010 that you do not see for a second before it loads onto the prim you wish to display the image, it will load instantly because you already have loaded that texture. Basically you are loading the texture without seeing it first. Think llpreloadsound but for textures. If you are dealing with many textures, it might be something you can use. I come up with this idea when I came back to second life. It works pretty good for me.
  11. I really do not have any pet peeves, but it's more of a mental disorder I encounter that irritates me. Example: I tell someone that for breakfast this morning.. I had cereal. They will not believe me. They will come to their own conclusion and actually believe I had pancakes. They know more then me, and will argue me to the death that I'm wrong and they are correct. Not only that.. they will go out of their way and try to belittle me to make the lie they created seem relevant and true. They will tell all their friends that I'm lying to them, and then their friends will actually believe them. Why should I even waste my time on a person who does not believe what I tell them? Personally I think I'm just too nice of a person and I just tolerate it. I was asked a question and I answered it. Is it my fault that others have such a hard time believing me? I'm no doctor but I think it's called schizoaffective disorder. You asked and I've answered. But if you ask them.. I'm a doctor! And I have too many pet peeves to list. Don't believe me? Ask their friends!
  12. I just like to point out the fact they been around since 2002 and still no profile picture!
  13. Not quite sure how to explain this, but I've got another point that maybe overlooked by others. Example A: There are 50 avatars in a sim. The nightclub is built to scale. It's hard to get into the door without bumping into someone. The dance floor is packed! Even the bar got people sitting at it! It seems like the place to be. It's crowded. Example B: There are 50 avatars in a sim. The nightclub is not built to scale. Nobody is standing around the door, you get in easy. The dance floor seems empty. Nobody is sitting at the bar. Not the popular place. It's not crowded. Now what I ask of you.. With all the sims and new land.. Perhaps the world is over-scaled? Make sense?
  14. Hello! My name is AngeliqueMinogue (Alt) the first alt of Dione Jacques (Main) I've been around SL since creation. SL: My first Second Life became a real life job for me. I owned a brand and was CEO and employed a few people. No reason to list accomplishments. I modeled for DoveVogue and done 250 fashion shows as a model and another 8 as a hostess. I had to leave for awhile cause it was all quite over whelming for me. I enjoy the simple life. I came back on July 4th 2016 and created my first alt. The old system had last names, I happen to be listening to Kylie at the time. I was just going to check on all my friends and leave again but ended up staying. I like to explore and just chill with my friends. I enjoy listening to music. I've been learning about mesh and trying to learn blender. RL: I'm 38 years old and live in the Southeast U.S.A. I use to be an Architect but I left the firm a few years ago. I got 9 wildcats in my backyard that I take care of because my neighbor moved and abandon them. Nice to meet you all! 😊
  15. Four people come to mind when thinking of those that have touched my life and have left a mark on Second Life. 1. Palomma Cassanova - She is still around and we are still good friends. She owns Free Dove. Done a lot for fashion. 2. Circe Broom - Unfortunately she passed away while I was gone, but instrumental with Live Music. 3. Jeri Zuma - A great friend that pushed me daily to challenge myself and to think outside of the box. 4. Anshe Chung - Haven't spoke to her in a long time, but I'm quite sure she has left her mark.
  16. Harassment, Slander & Repetitive Looped Sounds are the main reasons I block people. And I'm not a liberal, I'm a Republican. 😁
  17. And here I thought it was going to be a photo of something truly unique! Silly Blonde Me! Haha! πŸ˜†
  18. Welcome Back! I suggest you do a search for mesh bento bodies & heads. Always try a demo first!
  19. To be honest.. Second Life is not the same game since it was first created. Back then there was nothing but land, roads, and telehubs. Today.. it's a great place to spend time, relax, & enjoy with friends. There is no system to follow. As for what you do with the time given.. that is up to the user. The market has been cornered by some very good and talented creators. If you are looking to make money you need a new concept that hasn't been introduced yet. One thing I always tell new players.. Not everyone owns land, but everyone has an avatar. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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