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  1. Nobody is rezzing at all, not even me. My connection on every other device I have is fine, even on my PC it's fine. So it's something with SL. Is it slow for anyone else?
  2. Hello, I'm using a Catwa Catya mesh head and I was wondering if I can just completely remove the hairbase underneath my hair. Like completely bald. My current hairstyle has a bit of the hairbase showing and there's no other way to fix that. Thanks in advance 😄
  3. I'm looking for a pretty good quality maitreya mesh body skin applier. I feel some of them feel a bit too cartoony or something. Anyone know any good stores or something along the line I might be looking for? Thanks in advance c:
  4. Ohh, okay. Didn't think about the skin
  5. Not sure where to post this since the SL forums are a maze, anyways, for some reason I can't change the eyebrows on my Catya head. I bought a couple applier huds and they don't work. I still have the default eyebrows. Thanks in advance c:
  6. SL has been acting up for me lately and I can't get in. Just says stuck at loading world.
  7. I've looked at the maitreya hud and saw that my legs are rendered according to the hud. They're supposed to be showing, but they're not. They're also invisible to others as well. I can't unrender or hide any part of my body either. I can detach it, but render back my legs or unrender anything else. This started happening after my laptop broke and I started using mobile. I just got back onto laptop with a new one. Sorry for this crappy summary, but that's all I got right now. Thanks in advance
  8. I'm using an applier that floats above my avatar's skin a bit and it's painfully annoying. Anyway to fix that or no? It was meant for my mesh body, by the way.
  9. Hi all! I'm not sure if this is an issue that's going on today, but I'm unable to login through Firestorm or the SL viewer. I re-installed the SL viewer to see if it worked on there, and no luck at all. Any help? Thanks!
  10. I've been seeing a lot of demos in the market place. Are they just items that expire over a certain time limit? Things that don't include certain key pieces to the item? I'd like an explanation before I try more out. Thanks in advance.
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