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  1. Hello all~ I am seeking a role play with any fantasy based avatar that has a loincloth for a role play I've been wanting to do since forever but Never had a chance to do. Must have a loincloth and adult bits. No gender preference. Must also be willing to show the avatars in world as well. -or- A feral avatar role play in a muddy forest. Paws preferred. Must have bits as well. If you're interested in any of these scenarios or would like to know more, feel free to IM me in world. In-world name: tokiyoshisenkoufurry P.S: Must be ok with watersports and pee for
  2. Seeking a female feral dog or wolf to be a pet. Long term preferred Adult bits preferred as well. If you're interested, contact me in world. Tokiyoshisenkoufurry
  3. Is there anyone here that's really good at roleplaying as Spike from My Little Pony? If so, message me please
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