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  1. I've been working on a second version of an item I have listed on my Marketplace right now, managing to solve a problem with the prim count on a mesh item. Now, I know you can upload a newer version of an item already active on the Marketplace seamlessly without doing much. I have a question and tried to find out by using the search function here on the forums, but I guess my terminology wasn't good as it wasn't pulling up any results. I know there have been users who have already bought the item, and I would like to keep to my word that they would get any updated versions of items at no additional cost. So, my question is this: if I upload a second version of an item (following the activation of the Version 2.0 folder) and then I click on "redeliver" for the user, will the newer version be sent to them or will it be the first version again?
  2. Okay, this is more for a friend of mine instead of me, as I'm able to watch QT movies without having the player installed. Well, my friend and I went to the Back To The Future: The Ride Tribute on SL, but she's unable to see the videos for it while I can (back before I upgraded to a better computer, I was on another one and had the same issue, getting a white screen. But a while after, I was able to see the videos without any problems, but don't remember what I did to get them to work). I'm on a better computer now, and I don't have QT installed, but I'm able to see the videos while she can't. And since Quicktime is no longer advised to be used, what can she do to be able to see the videos? She uses a Firestorm browser. Hopefully, we can get it resolved so we can go on the ride together.
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