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  1. actually in the procces of selling the homestead.. so this might be obsolete
  2. Grandfatherd Homestead for Sale Tier on 29th of Each month. The Sim is empty and ready for transfer. Rename and moving is included with the transfer, the Homestead will have to move from its current location. $ 500 ($200. + $300. transfer fee) Contact Torgisl
  3. Hi , I have sent you an in game meesage. Cheers Torgisl
  4. Hi , I'm very interested. What the price? Cheers Torgisl
  5. Hi , I'm very interested to buy it, and place it next to my exiting sim. On top of the 300$ transfer fee to Linden, what is your price? (I have also messaged you in game. I hope that's ok) Cheers Torgisl
  6. Hi Dennie, Thanks for contacting me. I said yes to the other 'Grandfatherd sim , just below this post. I'll know for sure if I have it on monday. If for some reason the buy does not go through I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Lizard, I'm very interested - I have contacted you 'in game' . I hope thats ok. Let me know. Thanks Thanks
  8. I would also be interested to buy a 'Grandfathered' Sim....;- I contacted you in World. :-)
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