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  1. @Alwin Alcott Nothing is fake, I just don't feel comfortable on camera bc of different angels and actions And You (kind of) guessed sugar daddy meaning!
  2. Hey there! I'm Marina Kosh. 22 years old. I work exclusively for Plush club (Text Plushie and Dancer). I offer you interesting surprises, wild and naughty adventures. I'm down for voice, skype (without cam), dirty rl pictures and anything my daddy wishes If you are interested check my inworld profile: Skarior Resident and hit my up ♥
  3. Hello :) I'm interested in being a manager and looking for a job. I've been manager for 2 clubs and 1 store. I'm stylist also and making custom shapes. I have experience in lots of things, always learning new skills and ready for all kind of challenges. I have been on sl for 5 years already. If you're interested please send me a NC inwrold, reach me on slfb or reply under this thread. Thanks! Inworld: Skarior Resident SLfb: https://www.facebook.com/Skarior
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