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  1. I would try to be like Lewis Luminos in my approach if I ever had kids that were interested in SL. Forbidding your children stuff without reason and telling them why it is harmful plus showing what the fuss is about never ends well. I would be glad to share a hobby and would try to navigate them in anyway they needed plus maybe advice if they came across dodgy people (but that could be anywhere on the internetz). We probably would not play together much as I do a lot of adult content that I would consider not a good family conversation topic nor would I like to know about their risque projects
  2. I am looking for a fictional school roleplay sim that is not based on American schooling system. Catch is that I am after more mature, teenagey one that is fictional and not connected to a family roleplaying thing (I do not mind it being present just want more of plotted story and it being not the focus). Ideally, I am after secondary schools based around Japanese or British education systems. For maturity level, I would say something akin to Skins or Inbetweeners (both are British television shows) so mostly realistic teenagers which is why I say PG-13. Theme-wise, I do not mind anything unle
  3. I am immensely curious - did they really apply for Omega support as they say? I know it takes long but I am somehow doubting it. If someone is in touch with Omega team - ask, maybe? As in the update above I see no mention and that is the first thing bodies do unless they provide their own kits like Slink used to before they got approved. What is more - in their case, they are revamping but a known brand so I think they would have waited to release with Omega support if they really cared. I vote it is all porkies plus I bet the mesh is similar to their old one in wonkyness. When they released t
  4. I researched that actually and not for SL but wanted to export Sims houses as models to look at them. In case any other curious person wondered same - you sure can look at them but the models are actually bonkers. In Sims 3 they are all stretched and skewed to the extent you have no idea what are you seeing. It is fairly odd as making mods to inject into the game is much easier than going about looking at construction geometry. So there is that, in case anyone wanted to know - I like looking into how all games' tick, pft. However, in case of SL - you would literally be using assets you di
  5. I assume both problems are due to connection changes. Although Firestorm could be just fussy and you might need to delete cache and/or user profiles (back any profile up before). Sometimes refreshing DNS on computer works, while on phone it is entering and exiting flight mode. The ability to send emails to IM in SL should not be affected at all as it is connected to your email BUT it could somehow have gotten issues sending. Try different connection? If there is no other ones - consider buying a prepaid pendrive which is a portable modem. EE should have them (it is a mobile network and they ha
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