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  1. in this game it means to take away every sl ability you have its as if you are in rl you can not put your hand thru wall so no camming every thru a wall no sitting on things to get to the other side of walls or on other side of doors have to walk around the wall or open the door and walk in no lazy stuff.... cant over do it and like the one say getting coins while on a mega thats a no no i mean how much does one need already getting a mega do you really need to be so greedy and get coins too wasnt the mega enough... and well for those that like to run in and grab everything they can like one i
  2. btw Strigos directly after you got that mega if you were watchin group chat not only did i congratulate you on your mega but also i reminded you of your manners to say the thank you and it wasnt till the next day according to your own message you posted in this blog that you got banned from hq you had an entire 24 hours to get in there and follow the rules but you didnt im sorry... all i would have taken was for you to message stormydaze as i said and told her im sorry wont happen again will always say it and you would have been unbanned... <REDACTED> so honestly it was
  3. first i want to clear something up Klytyna we do not charge for the treasure quest coins at all they are free always to anyone that wants to be part of treasure quest as a landowner... second the tax is only 10% at the time you put into the funds bank so you put in 100L into the funds bank and only money that goes to the owners of the game is 10L period... no other tax all new coins all mega coins all other coins that come out are freely given out to all landowners always and forever... and the rest of the 90L will go to fill any coins put out and the coins will keep refilling till the m
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