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  1. Uh-huh, gotcha! So there's a hope that this thing will eventually go away? I mean - this particular station was playing on my parcel for more than week without any advertisements, they only appeared today
  2. Greetings! Recently I encountered an issue with radio stream on my parcel - there is an extremely annoying advertisements appears each time radio is being turned on and from time to time during the stream itself, sometimes right in the middle of songs. These ads are NOT part of the original station and acts more like overlay. For example if you toggle radio on-off-on-off--on-off - this ad starts broadcasting from the beginning each time radio is "on", plus I Reeeeeally doubt that famous 181.fm will broadcast some *****ty russian car reselling service ads during their stream =_=
  3. I see... well, ok then, thank you anyway! maybe they'll add ability to turn this sound off separately someday...
  4. Hello! Yeah, I found it out just instantly while tried to figure out how to block this sound... So, besides muting "ambient sounds" there is no options at all?
  5. So, I'm playind SL a while and pretty often using default avatar flying feature while traveling the irtual world. But default sound of flying, this annoying wind-like howling bothers me every time I'm flying, so now I'm here with question: Is there any possible way to block or turn off this annoying sound somehow?
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