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  1. Thanks to everyone here for all of the advice and directions on where to go and I will definatly update on my adventures. One thing Ive found is that EVERYONE wants to be your friend and I have a hard time saying no. I cant even keep up with conversations!
  2. So, I've logged on a few times. The first time I spent wayyy too much time trying to get out of the plsce you go to when you first log on. I kept falling thru gaps in the floor where you have to jump to get out. I think it took me at least 10 times to finally get the hang of it and another hour to get out competely. Very stressful! I had to log off to calm myself down! I signed up for a premium membership so I could have a place to work on my avatar. This took HOURS! I just dont get the body/skin thing and I ended up bald with only a head, hands and legs...everything else was invisible! I finally got a dress to work and I dont know if it gave me all my body parts back but at least it covered it up. LOL This is quite an adventure...oh and I saw a naked man
  3. Thanks so much for all of the advice! I will check out all of the places you've mentioned. I did log on for the first time. Stressful...to me..beyond belief. I did finally make it thru that obstical course after falling thru gaps in the floor REPEATEDLY when trying to jump...and then trying to figure out how to say Hi to someone who had said hi to me! I did feel a sense of accomplishment once I got to the end!
  4. Hi everyone! Im brand new to these forums and to Second Life. Im a soon to be empty nesterand my daughter thinks that all I do is come home from work and stare at the walls. This is not true, sometimes the TV id on. She set me up an avatar and Second Life acoount but I havent even had a chance to log on yet. I have a lot to learn and I dont want to piss anyone off. Im terribly shy and even posting this is something I've never done. Hopefully I can become a part of this community. Hava a great day everyone!
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