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  1. I added the tags because I didn't know exactly where this topic fit in the forum. Actually, none of these topics really fit neatly into boxes.. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs on love, BDSM, and relationships. I used tags to attract people with experiences in these areas for their feedback. Thank you for the encouragement, but these are things I wanted to change. I have no desire in becoming someone else or changing myself to gain people's approval ( I spent some time struggling with that, but I have came a very long way, and coming to terms with who I am.) I felt like my old profile wasn't representing me in the way that I wanted, so I've asked people for their first impressions. I didn't want to ask my friends because they would have been too polite, and would not tell me their honest opinion. I'm not changing myself to be an "interesting person" for them, because the idea of being an interesting person is subjective. The bdsm tags, likes, and limits are helpful in an rp scenario (or casual sex), but were not helpful in what in I'm looking for. Also the sexuality on my profile was a bit too much, and not appropriate for a general profile. I took the feedback that was relevant to me and my interests and applied it.
  2. Thank you for the helpful and insightful feed back. The About Me, tab is rather old I used to be a text dancer for a couple clubs, so it will get taken down. But I do have an interest for doing second-life burlesque which has nothing to do with strip club stripping or escorting at all. It's choreographed dance, with sets stages and props. The most I would ever strip down to is a g-string (with pasties or sometimes topless). I do voice, but I don't voice with complete strangers, only people whom I really trust. It is cam and real life pictures I'm against. It feel like internet is getting smaller, and people's real life information is more accessible now then it's been in the past. I'm really protective of it because one piece of information could lead to people finding out where you live and other private info. Details about my real life depend on trust above anything else. As for the Dita pics they were only place holders and will be taken down, and your very right about creating an authentic connection with someone. I will follow in Dita's example, thank you.
  3. I decided to take it off. I'm new to the scene non rp wise. I'm still figuring out what type of relationship dynamic I want, so I'm avoiding using labels for now, it's just to show people what you are interested in and what sort of things appeal to you. Well that's how I see it. The most important thing I've learned about this posting is that I need to show case my creativity to more. I'm in the process of redoing my profile slowly because of school, but hopefully I will have some projects coming up soon like creating a flickr account and blog that features my poetry and short stories. I'll still go to bdsm classes and discussions though.
  4. Thank you so much for your honesty and your advice Orwar. It is what I needed to hear. I’ll re-do my pics (was planning to edit some pictures, but was really busy in rl.) and I’ll focus more on presenting myself as a person instead of writing a list of kinks. Many of this is rather new to me and I guess I have gotten a little too excited with the things I wanted to try.
  5. Also be honest and straight forward with what you want, communication and honesty is very important in bdsm. Finding what type of relationship dynamic is you want is very important. Carefully right down your limits and things you like, and experiment. Don't be afraid to communicate people, because every person in this community, no matter what role they play has a voice! That includes slaves too! Finally research and learn about this life-style it is very crucial to success. Learning about SSC and RACK has saved me plenty of times from unsavory situations, and toxic people. Most importantly, trust your intuition. If a scene or person doesn't feel right it is okay to walk away.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm fairly experienced in rping in bdsm scenarios, but I'm open to serving someone long-term. I'm currently studying at HOJ Bdsm school and Triskelion Academy. I've also done some research, reading articles and books about the bdsm life-style. I also listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos with experienced doms & subs. Where are places or events where subs & doms can meet? Are there match-making agencies for these type of relationships? I went to a few vanilla dating agencies with submissive and dominant relationship options, but it seemed like the dating profiles posted there were only interested in few bdsm elements incorporated into their traditional relationship. I personally identify myself as a switch who is submissive in nature, but loves power-play dynamics. I'm seeking a monogamous relationship only, no polyamory. I love feeling of being overpowered and resistance , but I'm not your traditional brat either(though I can be flirtatiously witty & sarcastic at times). My kinks lie within physical power-play, for example, wrestling, primal play, and abduction scenarios, making my potential dominant really work for the stability of his top position creatively and sensually challenging him. Sensational play is a very important kink to me and my favorite way of bonding with someone. I'm also looking for a person who's highly experienced in rping edge-play scenarios, as well prioritizing pre-care and aftercare. Though there is no physical harm in bdsm scenes online, however there are emotional & psychological risks, especially when things poorly communicated or negotiated properly. That is why I admire people who are straight-forward and honest with their needs. (scenes can be intense for dominates as well.) I would also like input from people in the bdsm community, especially regarding my profile. Please tell me if anything seems contradictory or misleading. https://my.secondlife.com/shiningstar92
  7. I would totally love to be friends with you! It would be great to have a shopping buddy, because I love fashion too. ShiningStar92 is my in world name. IM me whenever you want to hangout.
  8. Try avi-match.com. It's a second-life dating site. There are also dating agency's in world too. https://www.avmatch.com/
  9. I'll be your friend. my name is Aaliyah Diamond in world. I understand exactly how you feel. I find it hard to approach people in sl and rl, though I'm less shy now. Friendship takes time, so be patient and interact with people on here and in the forums. Reply to other people's post and see who you share common ground with. Also discover hobbies and activities you like do on secondlife. I have met so many friends in building classes, sandboxes, Live events, and fishing. Don't be intimidated not to say hello to someone, sometimes the best looking avatars could be as lonely as you are.
  10. Welcome Ebony, I used to play imvu too and I role play as well. Feel free to IM or add me. My inworld name is Aaliyah Diamond.
  11. Are there any active Role-play towns in this game? I'm looking to purchase a home, but every place seems very empty or not as lively. Any Suggestions?
  12. I’m interested in Rping with you Lacey. My inworld name is Aaliyah Diamond.
  13. Have you tried shopping for shapes on Marketplace? Each shape comes with a styling card, so you’ll find everything you need to create a new avatar. Most skins also come with a free shape too. Also, try searching up male fashion bloggers and find a look that you like. There is really no need in paying someone to give you a makeover. Here’s a Helpful video!
  14. Welcome to Secondlife Euphinea, Graphic design is a very profitable skill in Secondlife. There are so many things you can do. Have you considered becoming an Secondlife photographer? Designing avatar’s profile pictures is very good business. You can also design Logos and advertisements for sl designers and business. I recommend signing up for a Flickr account and creating profile their. I would love to help you. My Inworld name is Aaliyah Diamond. Feel free to IM me.
  15. Hit me up girl! I'll go clubbing with you or shopping. My username is Aaliyah Diamond. IM me anytime.
  16. Hello Everyone, I returned from a long break from second life and looking for some people to hang out with. I'm 28 years old and I love shopping, exploring, singing at karaoke bars, going to live music events on sl. I'm very creative person in both worlds and I enjoy designing clothes, building homes, and furniture. Writing is one of my passions and I love to Role-play. I enjoy helping new players, so don't be afraid to send me an IM or a friend request. My in world name is Aaliyah Diamond.
  17. Sounds like a good idea. I think for now I'll stick to texturing and looking into premade meshes. I love mesh especially how the clothes look so realistic. I recently went to utopia and the designer still makes textured based clothing. It's some what sad how things got so complicated. You have to accommodate so many systems, and there's still new one's coming out. I'm getting the Maitreya body for Christmas. Perhaps I'll make clothing for that system.
  18. Hello all, I'be been on sl for several years. I decided to come back not to long ago, and things have drastically changed. I used to design clothes here as a hobby in Photoshop, but I never got to truly pursue that dream. I notice that mesh clothing is extremely popular, and not many people are interested in buying traditional textured clothing. I decided to look at MD, but it seems that you have to have some knowledge about sewing in the real world, and patterns. I also thought about modeling clothing in blender or maya. However, I found more tutorials on MD then modeling clothing in a 3d program. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of both methods, or suggest a better one? Does anyone know any good tutorial s?
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