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  1. Sounds like a good idea. I think for now I'll stick to texturing and looking into premade meshes. I love mesh especially how the clothes look so realistic. I recently went to utopia and the designer still makes textured based clothing. It's some what sad how things got so complicated. You have to accommodate so many systems, and there's still new one's coming out. I'm getting the Maitreya body for Christmas. Perhaps I'll make clothing for that system.
  2. Hello all, I'be been on sl for several years. I decided to come back not to long ago, and things have drastically changed. I used to design clothes here as a hobby in Photoshop, but I never got to truly pursue that dream. I notice that mesh clothing is extremely popular, and not many people are interested in buying traditional textured clothing. I decided to look at MD, but it seems that you have to have some knowledge about sewing in the real world, and patterns. I also thought about modeling clothing in blender or maya. However, I found more tutorials on MD then modeling clothing in a 3d program. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of both methods, or suggest a better one? Does anyone know any good tutorial s?
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