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  1. We are looking to close before Dec 6 2017. We are taking all serious offers for a FULL 30K SIM - Not Grandfather. Prim: 30,000 (can be lowered if you do not wish to pay the higher monthly fee) You Pay $400 USD (includes the $100 Transfer Fee!) This saves you $300 over the setup fee for a new sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL%20Respect/113/181/2 Leave NC for Syren Nightfire (xxsyrenxx resident) Or email me at Sunmcd@yahoo.com
  2. Fall of Man would like to present THREE ADULT LAND options for your needs: 1) Two Corner Parcels for rent ● 3808m², 1250 prims, L$1750/wk 2) Thirteen Parcels for rent ● 1232m2, 500 prims, L$700/wk 3) Rent a store and be allowed rezzbox/ skybox / personal space between 2000-3000m at the additional cost rate per prim for additional combined prims you will need. ================================================================================== http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Respect/179/214/4 ================================================================================== Features: This is Adult land ● No premium account needed BUT MUST BE ADULT VERIFIED. ● No premium account needed to rent. ● 1 week free when paying 4 weeks in advance for first time renters ● Each parcel (as shown below) is Landscaped with a beach scene for your pleasure, and creating privacy. ● Each parcel includes a 1-3 Prim home if you wish to use, or provide your own.
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