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  1. I started a topic in the forums but want to delete the topic , is there any possible way to do this?
  2. I just found social chat places to hang out and soon met people , ie popular beach, popular club , really just depends on what you are into in sl ,You could try joining a role playing sim depending on what you are into. Feel free to read profiles and send messages to the ones you like , start doing that and you should be engaged pretty quickly within sl and have lots of friends Frieya
  3. I am looking for peoples opinions, as I feel I am going crazy here.. So I have a Partner, we have been together for just over a year, and in that year everytime i have made a friend in sl (male) he has made a big deal , states either that I am cheating , or that I am planning on leaving him for them, and at the end of it all I end the friendship and things go on, and in this time he hasn't really been intimate or affectionate with me , sometimes barely speaking to me, sometimes I get the feeling from him that I am annoying him,. and this feeling of not being loved has been going on for the
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