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  1. Hi! I've been experiencing some pretty terrible lag, and I've tried searching around for any fixes. When I first load into a sim, my framerate drops incredibly low - 18FPS and lower. It slowly will climb up, but even if my framerate is 30, moving is very laggy and almost behaves like I'm at 1FPS. Eventually after I stand still for long enough (sometimes in excess of a minute), everything loads and I hit 80FPS depending on the sim. I've also noticed that if I stand still, hit 80 FPS and turn around, I lag again. I'm assuming it's loading textures now in view again...but everything behind me seems to unload. So if I turn back to the first direction I had been facing...brief lag again. My internet connection shouldn't be the issue. My speed test to Phoenix, AZ is 80Mbps. I've tried setting my bandwidth to 1500, 3000 and 5000...and nothing seems to change. My computer is powerful enough (8700k, GTX2070) so that shouldn't be the issue. I'm using Firestorm right now. My view distance is 128M - which seems to be about normal? Is there something I've missed possibly?
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