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  1. My initial question of course is if they plan to make it more family friendly. I think the only reason that you'd buy SL and Tilia if you wanted some assets was seeing promise in Tilia. Else....they just want to grow SL. How is the question. I don't see what they could strip from the business really. I'll remain hopeful.
  2. Go to court, see about filing for damages as it is potentially DMCA abuse.
  3. Hi! I've been experiencing some pretty terrible lag, and I've tried searching around for any fixes. When I first load into a sim, my framerate drops incredibly low - 18FPS and lower. It slowly will climb up, but even if my framerate is 30, moving is very laggy and almost behaves like I'm at 1FPS. Eventually after I stand still for long enough (sometimes in excess of a minute), everything loads and I hit 80FPS depending on the sim. I've also noticed that if I stand still, hit 80 FPS and turn around, I lag again. I'm assuming it's loading textures now in view again...but everythin
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