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  1. Compare these new homes, the layout and the shared areas to the original Linden Homes - what a difference! I can actually see people using the shared areas and all that open water! Wow I may have to consider opening a bar for all those thirsty day trippers!
  2. I am no fan of winter or snow. It's fun for about five minutes and then it really becomes tedious. Thats in RL The continent of Bellisseria appears to be somewhat hotter than the temperatelands which experience such things as snow. I would guess it to be in the tropics and whilst snow is not unheard of in those areas it is pretty uncommon unless at great altitude I guess. I'd not appreciate having my tropical houseboat icebound and me being forced to redecorate so I hope that this will not happen. As far as I am concerned, seasons and things should be down to full sim owners or peop
  3. The moles are not resting as they expand the carefully designed neighbourhoods of the new Linden Homes. From this vantage point you can see new islands waiting to have the moles get to work on them. One day, not that long ago all this was sea. Visit this island lighthouse (protected land)
  4. Loving my houseboat - affordable waterfront property at last
  5. A very sensible and welcome approach to what could have become quite a problem considering how close the houses and houseboats are placed together. Never been a fan of ban lines - ugly things. Not keen on over zealous orbs either so this is good news.
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