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  1. It is all still there but I guess the moles have been kinda busy with other things like SL21B. People there at most times though.
  2. Some great themes to pick from. Suggestion for the Lindens & Moles - do not limit the themes to 512, 1024 or 2048 parcels - mix them up so a region has a combination of parcel sizes and themed buildings to fit the parcel. This will look better (in my opinion).
  3. You may want to look over the currently open issues with the Firestorm viewer. One may be related to the issue you have provided some information on. If not then please do raise a new Jira so that the Firestorm Devs can look into it. https://jira.firestormviewer.org/issues/?filter=-5
  4. You used to have to pay to upload the images so they were saved to your inventory. Now you do not pay when you use the outfit image tool so they do not appear in your inventory (as you have not paid for them) but they are stored in the system.
  5. I suggested a Cotswold theme last time and so I will repeat that suggestion now. Nice cobblestone walls, hedgerows, oak trees, babbling brooks and maybe even a village common with a maypole.
  6. Adult regions, windlight, mesh, voice etc. etc. etc. - all things that people said would be the end of Second Life. Yet it is still here. We adapt and change. Trust me looking back at how things used to be is looking through some very thick rose tinted glasses - we were UGLY!!!! The viewer and server code gets updated to keep things relevant - not to keep things how they were 10 or 20 years ago.
  7. Given the long duration between versions of fs I reverted back to the official SL viewer as my main viewer for my iMac M3. It gets faster updates and does not have the texture load issue plaguing fs pbr release for Mac. I still have fs installed for when I need to use extra features. Given that LL as a corp has bigger pockets than the fs dev team it’s likely that support for MacOS will be more likely from them going forward. It’s sad but it’s seems devs with the skills needed for viewers are hard to find (especially when they have to donate their time).
  8. The stipend should not be linked to real life things as Second Life economics is not linked to real life economics. If the stipend was increased it would simply result in more inflation. Increase the money supply and you increase the costs.
  9. Profiles have some form of keyword rating. If you search for someone who you know has an X rated profile from the words then they should only be visible when you have adult content enabled for searches. Whilst not ideal it is at least something.
  10. A nice idea for a sandbox style game but a terrible idea for many of the creations in SL when those who created them are no longer with is in the virtual or real sense. Ideally would need a region/parcel that only permits the rezzing of copy items in order to avoid costly mistakes.
  11. I vaguely remember my first few weeks in Second Life - they were solely based on Help Island as I tried to learn things. Looking back I actually think we had it a lot easier back then as avatars were all system layer based so no confusion over what head, body and skin combination was needed. It took me a long time and I cannot comprehend how much more complicated it has to be for a new resident these days. Second Life has got better but it has also got far more complicated in the new user learning experience. Best advice I can give anyone is not to try running before they can walk.
  12. Always nice to visit a sim and watch the sunset - would miss that is the sun did not move.
  13. Ok ok - I am confused now. Time for a nap obviously.
  14. Interesting, so in theory (using the above example) a new avatar called joebloggs can rename first name to Sid Nagy and appear as such unless people are wise enough to see that the hidden last name is in fact resident. This is a bit worrying and I should suspect that the change first name field needs to validate for extraneous spaces.
  15. If you pay to change your last name to resident then most viewers will indeed not display the "Resident" part of the name (there are viewer options for force this to be displayed though). However - it will be exceptionally hard to find a first name that has not already been taken by someone with the Resident surname as you have over ten years of people being forced to have nothing but the Resident surname.
  16. I have had to disable my viewer from downloading release candidates because the current one has a major issue with it.... #989 [Featurettes] Terrain is blurry on some Macs This is a show stopper you know! I do not want to look out at acres of blurry land. At the same time we have the PBR issue with shadows and anything with an alpha texture no longer being visible on Macs. Might I suggest you raise the bar a bit higher on what you consider is ok to get released? Or is it acceptable to push through clients with known issues because it just impacts those who use a Mac?
  17. The current release is Second Life Release - is this the version you are using or are you running one of the release candidates? Lighting options in any event should be found in preferences / graphics / advanced settings. The advanced lighting model is indeed gone as that's part of the normal system since LL updated to the PBR system (I think). With the PBR system some environments can appear a bit bright in world - it could be that the parcel or region environment has not been set to make full use of PBR. You can adjust your own environment from the world menu and then environment (more info on that here).
  18. My word this store does not sound as if it wants any business indeed. Maybe they have had some issues in the past and have decided it is better to drive business away rather than manage it well.
  19. Instead of changing your passwords each time you log in (which is a tremendous amount of work) might I suggest you use the multi factor authentication instead and disable the viewer from not asking for MFA each time you log on. That way you will be prompted for the additional MFA code on each log on.
  20. Sorry it's been a while and you have not had a response. Ideally you should visit the welcome hub and speak to one the of mentors - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WelcomeHub/162/102/2 Alternatively the online knowledge base has a lot of help articles - https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/
  21. If you can then do connect your Mac to an ethernet cable instead of WiFi as you will get a better and more consistent connection. SL performance on Macs is sadly subpar. Currently running on an M3 with 24GB and it's "ok". If you want a super frame rate then you need to go Windows (or another OS that actually has continued to update OpenGL). If you are wanting to stay on Mac (like me) then I'd actually advise you to consider using the official viewer as it is less resource hungry (just opt out of automatic update to release candidates in preferences as sadly clients with severe Mac issues are pushed through when they would otherwise be held back if they were Windows based). You can still have your third party viewer of choice installed and use that when you need a feature that is not in the official viewer.
  22. I have had several upsetting experiences.... Finding a nice home on the mainland (this was years before Linden homes) and a few months later someone plonks a casino next door with spamming objects. Made a loss on the land sale as I was forced to move. Stumbling into some farms that were not exactly the sort of farm old MacDonald would recognise *shivers*. Accidentally deleting my home as a result of a mis-click. Actually I have done that several times! Adding an extra zero onto a L$ purchase - those 100,000 lasted a while. Other things I cannot mention as you are all far too delicate.
  23. There is no "new" version of the Firestorm viewer - the current version is 6.6.17 and that was released in early December 2023 (yep that long ago). You might be using the beta of the PBR client that is supposed to be for testing purposes only.
  24. Second Life is very much like real life - adults do adult things. Just as in real life when these adults are not doing adult things they can do a lot of other things. It is not a matter of one or the other but instead a healthy combination of both showing respect for others by not stepping over the social and personal boundaries that people expect to have. People have the ability to remove all adult related content and activities from their own second life by limiting where they can go and what they can see on the marketplace. They do not have the right to limit what others (who may live in more liberal/enlightened societies) do with their second life though.
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