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  1. I forgot to say, you might have a look in the Baddies inworld shop if they have one, or ask them privately or in their support group, as they might actually have system skins that they are just not actively marketing right now.
  2. Lots of skin creators supply both appliers and matching system skins. My own usual skin is from 7 Deadly Skins, who certainly do that. I'm sure other people here can recommend other suppliers.
  3. What you need is either (1) a skin package that includes both an applier for your body and a system skin for your head, or (2) an applier for your body and a separate system skin, in the same tone from the same designer, for your head. Looking at the Marketplace description for the Baddies skins, it appears the package only includes appliers, and it seems the creator does not sell system skins. So you can't use those skins on your head. It seems that the Slink body includes a tinting HUD which allows you to add colour to the body skin you are wearing, and maybe get a closer match with your head, but your head skin will stay the same.
  4. Do you need a hairbase at all? The function of a typical hairbase is to colour the scalp to make sure you don't have patches of skin peeping through your flexi/mesh hair. It can also soften the edge of your hair, blending it into the scalp a little better. However, a quality hair should not need a hairbase, and I personally never use one. You can get hairbases for a system head very cheaply (you can even make your own). I have a set of tintable system hairbases (suitable for male and female) which seem to be included with all the 10 L$ hairs sold by this designer.
  5. They're not that tiny at all. About 12 berths across per 256m sim makes them about 20 metres wide by 50 long, i.e. 1024m², a full premium parcel, so I think the "seaside" option will be a static houseboat with space for some over-water stuff like a patio and/or a small boat. The "land" option will be just a land parcel with house.
  6. Sounds like you are not wearing the alpha layer that comes with the Lara body. You need to wear that in order to hide your original skin.
  7. Which agrees with what I said ... no?
  8. You're right, carrying around lots of scripts does cause lag, and that's why some venues name 'n' shame the biggest offenders by listing their names in red on a board. If you are getting caught there, then you should look at reducing your script count. Vehicle operators are also concerned about script weight, which causes them to crash more often at sim-crossings. If you use Firestorm, you can find a list of the scripts you are wearing in the menu: World -> Parcel Details -> Script Info -> Avatar. This lists the objects you are wearing that contain scripts. There are also free script-counter gadgets available in the SL marketplace. Modern mesh content is usually quite well optimised, although things like clothes often contains useless little scripts for things like stopping you rezzing it or for interacting with a non-existent fatpack HUD. But you can often remove scripts from the objects, at the expense of losing functionality, for example they will no longer respond to HUDs. Before attempting to de-script anything, make a backup copy, and make sure the object's settings are how you want them. For things like a mesh body/head there might be a "remove scripts" button in the object's HUD or menu. If not, and the object is modifiable, open the object in edit mode, and in the Contents tab, remove any scripts you find; also select each linked part in turn so that you can also remove scripts from them. If the object has a huge number of linked parts which still contain lots of scripts (flexi hair with colour-change scripts in every strand, for example), there is a "remove all scripts" script available in the SL wiki which you can insert into the object to remove all the scripts (including itself).
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    Here is the official announcement:
  10. There is lots of educational material at https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/ , or if you have a specific problem, let us know and somebody here might be able to help.
  11. That's the most gigantic marina I have ever seen. I'm not sure there is such a demand for moorings, and ordinary residents are not going to want a mooring without some land to live on. The moorings are about 20 by 50 metres, i.e. 1024 m², and the access channels are tight to say the least, so I think those moorings are for Linden houseboats, mainly for living in, but possibly also for occasional boating.
  12. It's 149 now (though maybe still cheaper for group members inworld). It looks like Omega have increased their prices for relays/installers across the board, to 149 L for heads, 199 L for bodies, but still 99 L for add-on bits 'n' boobs.
  13. Oh yes, they can walk into your bedroom, just as you can walk into theirs. However there are several settings you can apply. You can set parcel privacy (in the menu: world > parcel details, or whatever the wording is), which can prevent people seeing into your house/parcel and you seeing them outside, and/or hearing what people inside/outside are saying. You can add a security orb (a purchased object), to prevent people stepping into your parcel or staying there for more than X seconds, you can add banlines (a garish yellow fence around your parcel), but you need to be careful as orbs and banlines can affect genuine neighbours and passers-by, making you into a neighbourhood nuisance and stop you making friends in the area. I prefer Inkscape to GIMP for most textures. Inkscape is a vector-graphics editor, used for drawings, while GIMP is used more for painting and editing photos.
  14. Almost all mainstream mesh heads will work with a Maitreya body, and if you buy an Omega full-body skin applier (or separate head/body appliers in the same tone from the same creator) you can apply it to both your body and head for a guaranteed match. However, if you want to simply get a head which includes skins that match Maitreya's default skins, then I believe Lelutka heads do that. Somebody else might confirm that.
  15. It depends on the tightness of the clothes you are wearing, as well as which layer you apply the pastie to. For best results, put the pastie on the tattoo layer, and try to find a top that's not too tight.
  16. Lolas and other add-on breasts are really from the past, for making system bodies look a bit better - they have been almost totally displaced by mesh bodies now, especially the "curvy" bodies like Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass, which have a very good choice of mesh clothes, and others like Tonic Curvy, Sking, etc. Clothing for add-on breasts is limited to Omega appliers. The most realistic add-ons I could find (I don't want big boobs, it was just out of curiosity) were Venus from Sinful Needs, but the body/boob seam was still obvious.
  17. That's quite good English, better than some other stuff we see here! Unfortunately my German is close to non-existent, so I'll stick with the former. You don't give much detail in your post, but I will cover the basics. Since you say you have a mesh head, I'll assume you also have a mesh body. First, you have to wear the full-body alpha layer that is supplied with the mesh body/head, to completely hide your system body. Then, certain types of clothes will not work at all on a mesh body - system layer clothes, that look "painted" onto system bodies. So, with a mesh body, your choices are mesh clothes (normal loose clothes) and applier clothes (that look painted on, like underwear etc.). With mesh clothes, wear the size most suitable for your body (ideally a size specially designed for your body model), and if you see your skin cutting through in places, use the "alpha" panel of your mesh body HUD to hide small sections of your body until it looks right. Applier clothes are supplied in the form of a little HUD that you click once to paint the clothes onto the body, where they stay until you remove them using your mesh body HUD. An applier will work only with the body/head model it was designed for, apart from Omega appliers which work with most mesh bodies/heads. If you want to use Omega appliers, then you will most likely also need to get an Omega "relay" or "installer" for your body/head, to make it Omega-compatible. Now, are you saying your head disappears when you try to wear hair? That may be because you are "wearing" the hair on the same attachment point as the head, so the hair replaces the head. What you need to do when wearing your hair, or anything else, is to "add" the hair to your body — right-click the hair in your inventory, select "add" instead of "wear". Regarding matching the skins of your body and head - if you can't find a good match using the skins supplied with your body and head, then you will need to buy a third-party skin to cover them both. What you need is a skin package that includes appliers for both your particular body model and head model, or a full-body Omega applier (see explanation above). Alternatively, a skin package for your body and another for your head, both in the same skin tone from the same creator. If you could give us more details of what mesh body and head you are using, and what exactly the problems are, people might be able to give more specific advice.
  18. Yes, it does look very like Roundhand - here's a sample. Whenever I want to identify a font, I go to these two very useful sites: Identifont and What The Font.
  19. I just checked (should have done that before!), I paid 300 L$ at the Skin Fair for my Valentina on the 13th of March last, so it's not the free version.
  20. Maybe the thread's subject had something to do with it.
  21. You can wear a shoe-base, which would usually be supplied with a pair of shoes, to adjust your feet off the ground. If you don't have a suitable one, you can either make a copy of one and edit it to adjust its height; or go to your inventory, right-click and select "new clothes", "shoes", wear it, and edit it to suit.
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