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  1. If everyone on your feed agrees with you, I would guess it just means you have limited your feed to people who agree with you. I have all views on my feed. You can subscribe to opposing views if you want. If everyone in the world "thinks our nation is nuts," then why has the USA been the top destination for migrants since 1960?, as of 2017, one-fifth of the worlds migrants are currently living in the USA. In 2016, the census said 44 million immigrants were living in the USA. People are literally dying to live here. Seems to me most do not hold you views. It may just be your view is Canadian? You believe Canadians don't like the USA? I lived in Newfoundland for two years, which is a part of Canada, and many loved Americans and the USA there. I did meet one woman there however who had anti-USA views similar to yours. Really one needs to realize there is a big difference between nature type areas and huge cities as far as the experience and quality of life. As John Denver sang about! There are amazing astral angelic people everywhere on this planet, in every nation. People who embody unconditional love and grace. But yes bad people also are found everywhere.
  2. That's kinda a USA stereotype i think as this chart shows http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/party-affiliation/. From the chart, 10% of Buddhist's are Republican/Conservative, 62% of Muslims are Democrats/Liberals - 44% of Christians are Democrat/"Liberal" - In the USA, more Mainline Protestant Christians are Democrat than Republicans. So not all Conservatives are for the issues you named. Likewise, in the USA not all liberals are against them. In fact, in the USA, 22% of the population does not belong to any religion. So almost 1 in 4 people does not base their views on issues on anything from a religious teaching. Conservatives and Liberals in the USA make up their own minds where they stand on individual issues and really there is no "party" (or religion in many cases) enforcing what individuals should believe.
  3. This is the stories starting princess.
  4. The Gnome was bored so he caught a bird and ate it.
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