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  1. I own a land since last august and i deeded this land to a group, but this last days we changed the looks of the place and also the name so we remouved the group for make an other, but problem, now the group deeded is gone, no one is officially owner of this nad, i lost every right and its not even setup to sal so i cant even buy it again, but the sit keep asking me the money like if i was still the owner... how do i do for get it back to me and also for fix the problem with the billing because that asked me even more that it should cause i got 2 lands efore and i have only one now but it ask me for both still. thank you
  2. ok am going to look all of them thank you
  3. i created chair but with separated items and i want to put all together for when i move it and for can give to people or sell etc ... but i dont know how do that ... am looking all over the window "edit" but i see no where. If anyone know about this and could help me... thank you
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