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  1. Alright then. I will try the soluction of movelock / sit and i hope that he stop or lindens labs warning him. Thank you guys.
  2. I press ctrl + alt + p and i enable movelock but i want a solution. I mean i want to stop him from bump again. If you come right now in social island 2 you can see him, he use invisible avi most of the times and he use that bump item most of the times. There is no way to stop him from bump me? What if one of the mods visit now social island 2 and see him in action?
  3. In the place i stay most there is one annoying guy who use bumper and throw me away all the time. Sometimes i was afk and i find my avi out of map. I block him and derender him but he still able to bump me, i report him but nothing happens. What is the solution for bumpers? How i can stop him?
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