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  1. Thanks for the help! Seems to be resolved now. Someone in chat recommended Firestorm last night. Wish I dd that a long time ago, lag has improved drastically.
  2. Been on Second Life a lot past several days, trying to get used to it all, finding some cool locations, etc. Found some cool places finally with people actually haning around. Sometimes if there's a ton of folks though I have to leave because of lag unfortunately. One thing I've noticed is when I sit down my avatar floats. He doesn't float standing up but anytime I sit down my avatar hovers above the chair, I don't know if this is seen on both ends, others looking at me. But either way it's very awkward to look at. I went to one of the movie theaters in world, floated. Didn't matter really because I was just looking around. I was talking to a girl, and I was floating when sitting on the couch. It's extremely annoying and kills conversation just trying to make my avatar sit like a normal person. I'm not using any costumes or anything when this happens, just a regular person. The only thing I don't seem to float above when sitting on are the benches around Social Island and the bean bag chairs.
  3. I wouldn't know how about getting a one night stand on this even if I wanted to, but don't really have interest in that. Only reason I even go to the adult areas is if there are more people there, and more social/willing to talk to strangers. I guess if a woman in-world came up to me and suggested it I wouldn't say n,o, I might even pretend to be into it.. But only because it's something to do, I'd much rather just chat. I just want to make friends. I'm surprised somewhat how seriously it is taken though in regards to sex, I can understand how it can be meaningful for people who have had a long term relationship in the game, but starting off I don't see the appeal at all. I went to a strip club in the game, just because there were people in there. But there was no chatting or talking going on so it's poinltess to me. There's a lot to do in this world, I just want to be actually doing it with people. I wish there were people I knew personally IRL who play it,. An old online friend of mine used to play this game and I told her I joined. Maybe if she starts back up that would help just to explore these areas while having someone to talk to.
  4. It is a sexual reference but not in a serious way. I just wanted to make the name as ridiculous as possible. I couldn't care less about getting laid in this "virtual world." But I do want to meet people and have some conversations. That's my goal here. I didn't really put that much thought into it. It's a reference to a character from the show 30 Rock, and the name was taken so had to add a number. If I meet someone and we like eachother great, but I don't care about getting it on "virtually" just chatting and finding similar interests, going on "dates" that sounds fun to me. But sex stuff would do nothing for me wth just pixels that arne't even rendering properly on my crappy laptop. Can I not just change the number somehow? If it's really an issue I'd change but I have talked to a few people and would prefer not to have to start over. because it took forever to even find those few people. I guess I just figured I wouldn't have to look aroudn to find crowds of people. I didn't know there was this much area, with so few people. I've found a few areas that are well populated but that's it. Even clicking on the destinations and events it still seems pretty scarce from what I was expecting. Truthfully IRL I have social anxiety disorder. I figured this would just be a cool way to socialize without having such anxiety, and maybe it would actually help me at socializing IRL as well.
  5. So I just downloaded this game a few nights ago. I'm enjoying it to a degree but I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I can't seem to find any populated areas besides Social Island, and many of them are Away/idle. A few people talked to me early on but I was still figuring everything out. But everytime I go into a portal, it's almost completely dead everywhere. Maybe 1 or 2 people, but again they seem idle and not actively playing. Is there a location to go to that there is always something going on? Or do I just have to wait for the events? I don't care too much about changing up my avatar and all that. Just want to find a large group of people.
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