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  1. Thanks for the help! Seems to be resolved now. Someone in chat recommended Firestorm last night. Wish I dd that a long time ago, lag has improved drastically.
  2. Been on Second Life a lot past several days, trying to get used to it all, finding some cool locations, etc. Found some cool places finally with people actually haning around. Sometimes if there's a ton of folks though I have to leave because of lag unfortunately. One thing I've noticed is when I sit down my avatar floats. He doesn't float standing up but anytime I sit down my avatar hovers above the chair, I don't know if this is seen on both ends, others looking at me. But either way it's very awkward to look at. I went to one of the movie theaters in world, floated. Didn't matter reall
  3. I wouldn't know how about getting a one night stand on this even if I wanted to, but don't really have interest in that. Only reason I even go to the adult areas is if there are more people there, and more social/willing to talk to strangers. I guess if a woman in-world came up to me and suggested it I wouldn't say n,o, I might even pretend to be into it.. But only because it's something to do, I'd much rather just chat. I just want to make friends. I'm surprised somewhat how seriously it is taken though in regards to sex, I can understand how it can be meaningful for people who have had a
  4. It is a sexual reference but not in a serious way. I just wanted to make the name as ridiculous as possible. I couldn't care less about getting laid in this "virtual world." But I do want to meet people and have some conversations. That's my goal here. I didn't really put that much thought into it. It's a reference to a character from the show 30 Rock, and the name was taken so had to add a number. If I meet someone and we like eachother great, but I don't care about getting it on "virtually" just chatting and finding similar interests, going on "dates" that sounds fun to me. But sex stuff wo
  5. So I just downloaded this game a few nights ago. I'm enjoying it to a degree but I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I can't seem to find any populated areas besides Social Island, and many of them are Away/idle. A few people talked to me early on but I was still figuring everything out. But everytime I go into a portal, it's almost completely dead everywhere. Maybe 1 or 2 people, but again they seem idle and not actively playing. Is there a location to go to that there is always something going on? Or do I just have to wait for the events? I don't care too much about changing up my
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