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  1. Also, if you or a friend has used XtremRLV and cant log on, please refer to your email because LL apparently has sent out a link for your password to be reset. Once changed, you are good to go on logon again.
  2. This does not work anymore. Epar has changed his code on his launcher ver 2.4 (right click on the program for versions). The password shows on the process explorer programm as all (xxxxxxx). But if you know someone that still has version 2.2 or can borrow it, the password will be revealed. ♥
  3. okay here is an update. Seems this is getting a lot of talk in some bdsm circles. An enterprising coder has taken the step to create an encrypted proxy inworld to handle the creation of anonymous password, account email change and account password substitution. The sub must create an alt to communicate with the Domme/Master and use it to store money and buy things since the main Avie is locked out of going to secondlife webpages in order to prevent cheating out with requesting new email or password. The advantage is that you can use any iteration of Firestorm and you are within TOS l
  4. Yes, it has been possible within the last six months with the release of a free password launcher. I have heard an instance where the submissive used teamviewer and had their password changed and encrypted with this launcher program , which only needs the use of the avie name to start Marine Kelly's RLV viewer. Since the submissive's password was changed within the account holders ownership in SL, and not actually given away, it skirts the TOS violation clause. The launcher program only needs to reside inside the folder of Marine Kelley's RLV viewer and a shortcut made on your desktop. I
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