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  1. I think it's mispriced as it's supposed to be 200Ls and it's marked 2L. It's a color pack for a hair.
  2. Is their anything against TOS to buy it? Like will one get banned from SL? Or it's the store's fault for leaving it around and not correcting the issue?
  3. Just started getting the denied error. Thought it was just me. So, i came here.. Only to find out I am not alone.
  4. Hello. I have a super random question. Lately I been filing Abuse Reports for a variety of things.. But they have been going unanswered. Not just me but others too. I been having land issues, and people griefing/trolling, etc; Feels like Linden's aren't doing anything about it.. Did something happen to the Abuse Team? Or they are slow and behind?
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