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  1. Hi there, I want to use a prepaid card and it is not accepted by the system. The card has sufficient funds for the purchase I want to make. Any idea why? Won't use any other method of payment, though. Thanks
  2. HI Nalates and thanks for the prompt reply, I had actually found the ones you mentioned, for Android that is, and rightfully so, they seem to be more complex apps with some sort of viewing capability. yet to see is the data usage but my take is that it will be more than just what an IM app would use. And the link you sent me seems to have recent information so I would say that the one I am using right now is the only app that has IM only, which I guess confirms my search results. Thanks again, cheers! Latinome2015
  3. Hi there, hope this is the right forum to ask this question: I am interested in a good and reliable IM app for Android to interact with SL friends while off my computer and the one I found SL Text (aka IM to Secondlife) is a nice free ( based on volunteer donations which I already have) app but it is rather unstable and pretty basic. I would like to know if there is something in between, a reliable one and if even if not free, though that would be neat, I know there is a trade off between reliability and price.The ones I have been able to find on Google Play seem to include SL viewer or features that may jack up my data usage which by the way, it is the reason for using this app on my cell in the first place. By the way, no outside apps would be considered, not worth the risk if not certified by GP. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot, in advance. Latinome2015
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