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  1. If you read there are names for the people I am playing with THIS IS A ALT A MADE UP ACCOUNT A GAME WHAT SECOND LIFE IS BUT WHO ARE TRYING TO SCARE IN A CORNER NOT i AND IM NOT GOING TO GO BACK AND FORTH WITH YOU ITS OVER AND DONE WITH I AM NOT A THUG MY PROFILE IS SO OFFENSIVE WHY DID YOU READ IT IS A JOKE BETWEEN OUR FAMILY I IT'S NOT FOR WEAK MINDED PEOPLE TO TAKE SO SERIOUS...and I do play Grand Theft Auto by the way and how do you know what sims I play on I am not acting like anything I am just playing but when you are not bothering anyone than you should be left alone AS well thats all I was saying...besides I am a Queen not a **bleep**ing puppy I can take that as a racial slur as well not knowing why you keep referring to me as a dog in some way but...it's done with...and I am not changing my profile CALM THE **bleep** DOWN SL WILL ALWAYS BE A VIRTUAL WORLD FOR PEOPLE TO PLAY IN IT'S JUST A GAME WE ARE ALL WELCOME
  2. I'm not a D-Bag and if you dont know me I wouldn't result in name calling Rob's profile is a roleplay for him and his family, he is not a banger or whatever in RL Second life is just a game people take way to serious I myself know that the profile is set up to represent a gangster which by the way can be any ethnicity, it's just all games I believe Rob was called out of his name, the n-word by a complete stranger, in a derogatory fashion. I dont think Rob should be catorglorized as a bad person over a profile it's just a game.
  3. Sexual Ageplay what are you talking about your the only person I replied back to this really threw me, where is sexual ageplay???
  4. People dont realize we come into second life to escape from real life and all the negative things that come with it. To alot of people its to escape from hate like racism and harrastment I think and to have fun where everything is welcome just a second ago right now as I type this... I was just harrast for no reason. If anything in my profile offended anyone it shouldnt have it was just a roleplay its all just fantasy. This happened, by a noob by the way one that just got on second life today [07:56:35 PM] vampirin01: hi **bleep** [07:56:53 PM] vampirin01: i am hitler [07:57:01 PM] BigRobCaneMakai: word ok [07:57:21 PM] vampirin01: suck my dick [07:57:34 PM] vampirin01: speak spanish [07:58:09 PM] vampirin01: **bleep** [07:58:09 PM] vampirin01 is typing... After this I came and found this forum so I can ask that Linden Labs do a little better than this letting all these weak racist and bigots escape in your game running you second lifers off. Why did I deserve any of that? I was only on a gaming region being black playing a game. Some people use SL for a cover up and a secuirty blanket to be racist or whatever they dont feel safe saying in RL they bring it to SL and hide behind that but I wont tolerate it, I didnt answer back I just reported his weak ass and that's that. Grow up it's 2016 aint nobody got time for that racist bull**bleep**...I'm putting his or her ass on blast as we speak.....thank you.
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