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    Somebody could help me? My shape says that it is not in the database or something like that and I can no longer put it on or modify it, what do I do? please help as i already cleared my cache and nothing
  2. Alguien podría ayudarme? Mi shape dice que no está en la base de datos y ya no puedo ponérselo ni modificarlo ¿qué hago? por favor ayuda
  3. Some people have commented to me that it can be a limit or something like this, how can I look at the limits of paypal?
  4. I tried to buy linden trees today. They have rejected the request several times, what is wrong? I already tried to update my data and all that :c Please help me my card is debit and I am using it via paypal, I also looked at paypal and there does not seem to be anything wrong ... it is my card and I have been using it without problems for 3 years, what happens?
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