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  1. I could always use more friends.
  2. I have been trying to make this simple hud to allow for the rotation of attached objects on an avatar, and it was working fantastically on a object rezzed in world, but the moment i attached it to myslef the prim being affected rather then doing its incremental 5 degree rotation would just snap between two points, a lower point when i hit "down" and a higher point when i hit "up" I dont know what to do anymore and am really hoping someone can help me here. I will show the current script, all of the rotation parts were made from examples off the wiki which has been somewhat unhelpful with this. Bare in mind when seeing this that i know how to make listen commands better then this, and that this is just for simplicity while developing the hud, it will be on hidden channels with better commands when its done. rotation rot_xyzq; rotation rot_xyzq2; rotation Default; integer listenHandle; default { state_entry() { listenHandle = llListen(0, "", "", ""); vector xyz_angles = <0,5.0,0>; // This is to define a 1 degree change vector angles_in_radians = xyz_angles*DEG_TO_RAD; // Change to Radians rot_xyzq = llEuler2Rot(angles_in_radians); // Change to a Rotation vector xyz_angles2 = <0,-5.0,0>; // This is to define a 1 degree change vector angles_in_radians2 = xyz_angles2*DEG_TO_RAD; // Change to Radians rot_xyzq2 = llEuler2Rot(angles_in_radians2); // Change to a Rotation } touch_start(integer s) { llSetRot(llGetRot()*rot_xyzq); //Do the Rotation... } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "CounterClock") { llSetRot(llGetRot()*rot_xyzq2); //Do the Rotation... } if(message == "Clock") { llSetRot(llGetRot()*rot_xyzq); //Do the Rotation... } if(message == "Def") { Default = llGetRot(); } if(message == "Reset") { llSetRot(Default); } if(message == "Unhide") { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); } if(message == "Hide") { llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); } } } Any help is greatly appreciated!
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