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  1. Cherished cherubs is the only one I know of that has diapers and such. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/98957
  2. Imagination is a brand new suburban community neighborhood for adults. No child avi's. Take part in the community roleplay, or just enjoy your private time in one of our furnished parcels. Full parcel rights available on larger rentals. Also hiring paid and rp positions. Available Rentals
  3. Imagination is a brand new community for adults. We are looking for a Medical Center Director for roleplay. Nexus Roleplay Money System. Come join in creating a brand new community. It's your *.:Imagination:.* Experienced roleplayers preferred, Mama Allpa and Pooterbilt physicians. Send a notecard to kristaharrelson or submit a ticket at https://imagination.supportsystem.com
  4. Are you looking for a suburban neighborhood without the restrictions of a family community? Do you like the ability to be yourself with no judgement? This is the place for you! Imagination is a brand new community for adults. Come join in creating a brand new community. It's your *.:Imagination:.* Who will you be? We need: Firefighters Medical Workers Police Officers Other roles! You name it! Available Rentals
  5. Brand new sim looking for roleplayers: Greeters Clinicians Pastor Church-Goers Child Care Director Child Care Workers Law-Breakers Drivers Lawyers Shoppe Owners Famunation Players DCS Administrator (Combat System) Any other roles fitting a modern suburban sim We use Nexus RP Money System Check it out!
  6. Custom rentals upon request. All skybox rentals are $1L per prim. All ground-level rentals are $1.85L per prim. You may swap out your own house with a prim allowance of 150 per parcel, with the exception of town homes or apartments. Town homes and apartments may not be switched out. We are currently looking for: Fire Department Chief Sheriff Deputies Teachers Clinicians Any other services Rental Includes: Nor Phone Answering machine upon request Use of public amenities This is an ACS property so you may use any of the free items in the Anshex Library. Check us out here: http://imaginationsim.blogspot.com/p/available-rentals.html Or inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imagination/128/172/31
  7. We are a new small PG community looking for players. We need the following: Fire fighters Sheriff Deputies Clinicians Other family RP services We have the DCS equipment but we need someone experienced to head it. Contact me or come visit us at Imagination. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imagination/128/172/31 More info here as well: http://imaginationsim.blogspot.com/p/available-rentals.html
  8. Experienced in DMV operations using the Aileron system and manual google sheets. Experienced photoshop graphic design. Let me provide DMV services for your rp community. I provide all the items needed and offer badges and textures at an affordable price for your residents. Send a notecard inworld.
  9. Hi can you do an event on Feb 5th any time between noon and midnight?
  10. We are having a 12 hour special event on Feb 5th from noon until midnight and we need entertainment! DJ's Live Performers Hosts Contact me inworld or reply below.
  11. I live in the best Family RP community. The coolest thing is that you can rez your own house if you like for no extra cost (within reason of course!) The price is incredibly reasonable. Please check it out and tell them that I referred you! (kristaharrelson) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Temporalis/128/128/21
  12. Hi. Add me in world. I am also a member of a sorority which might be fun!
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