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  1. FYI! community.secondlife.com is hosted at AWS, and has been for some time. 😁
  2. Oh, thanks! @Ekim Linden and I teamed up to write that together. We wanted to come up with a very honest description of what it's like to work in Operations for Second Life. I think we did an okay job! And that EDS cat herding commercial! I've been using that for years to tell my relatives what I do for a living. April
  3. /me raises her paw! Soooo, uh, I was working on some server code a few years ago, and figured "no one's gonna see this anyhow, so I'm gonna have some fun with it!" hehehe. 😝 You never know where the GridBuns might be lurking...! (I'm not sure why the Singularity Viewer has managed to unearth that message! But I was the one that wrote it.)
  4. I'm in the Bay Area and have been having to deal with blackouts all week. As much as I wanna blame PG&E for what's going on, it's not their fault... for this one specific thing.
  5. Well, um, I'm a rabbit, and wires look like vines, and uh... >.>
  6. I promise you it wasn't me that chewed those wires. I dunno how they got chewed. They were pre-chewed when I got there. 😗
  7. Hi, y'all. Here's a blog post about what happened: Sorry for the trouble this week! 💜
  8. Hi folks. We're really sorry for the trouble tonight. Things didn't go as we'd planned. Second Life is a very complex distributed system, and it failed in a way we didn't think it would. If we'd known it was going to turn out this way we would have given a lot more heads up. The grid is back up and things have stabilized. The engineers on my team worked really hard most of the night. (It's 2:45am PDT as I write this!) We're heading off to get some rest after a very intense few hours. Thanks for the patience. I know it's super disruptive when Second Life isn't behaving correctly,
  9. That's not at all what our data centers look like. Some of the cables are purple, duh.
  10. Hi Folks! It was... just human error. 5:30am SLT was suppose to be the correct time, but it got incorrectly entered into the blog. Sorry for the mistake. I know it's frustrating. April
  11. Heya Folks. I can confirm it was a DDoS attack, and yes, the folks on my team had a rough weekend. We do our best to fight DDoSes, but this one took quite a bit more effort than normal. I'm sorry people's plans got interrupted over the weekend. It was a rough weekend for all of us... including those of us on this side of the grid, too. April Linden Second Life Operations Team Lead
  12. Hey folks! We found an issue on our side and corrected it a few moments ago. We believe the issue should be resolved. Please contact our support team if you're still having issues, and they'll pass word on to my team. Thanks! April
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