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  1. Very true. Thank you all for your help
  2. The thing that I don't understand is..I looked at his info and He is a Dom......soooo????
  3. Thank you. I wanted to make sure and to also show him that he is incorrect
  4. The club owner got into my IM telling me Linden Lab has now made it a thing that the Lifestyle is now banned
  5. I am wondering if the BDSM Lifestyle is now banned in SL. I am in a DD/bbg relationship and was told I can not call my DD "Daddy" in local or I will get banned. Is this correct?
  6. My friends account has been hacked three times now in the last two weeks. I see him log on but I know for a fact he is at work in real life. All of this has happened to him since "partnering" . Now he has not given her his account password at all because I called him to inform him of all the times his avatar was on. He has even changed it four times to be very certain about not letting it get out. BUT still last night his avatar was on-line and he was at real life for a family bbq. How can this be happening? The partner claims she has a "sister" who works for Linden Labs...now as for if that
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