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  1. i am Currently Looking for a Friend with Benefits who is willing to have fun in bed and maby it can lead to something real if you are intrested Please Contact Me inWorld At VampireGod1200 Hopefly Male or Female :matte-motes-dead:
  2. hi i am looking for a non Bloodlines Clan Prefer Not to be in Progany i am Human wanting to be a Vampire or Lycan and i Do not have the Lindins to buy a HUD so i want to join a clan please im me in world at VampireGod1200 thanks
  3. Seeking for Mrs Or Mr right to settle down with in SL i like to Cuddle and hang out go Shoping i am a Very Afectionate Person i go for the insid and the heart not looks im 34 in RL and SL i keep my Rl Private untill i am Comfertable shareing it i love to cuddle i am ready to jump in a Realtionship i can get to know the person and still be in the realtionship i do kiss and have sex on the 1st date dont be afread to ask i have bin single in SL for 8 years under all of my accounts witch are inactive i am a very lonely person looking for someone to Lift m,y Spritis my name is VampireGod1200 Conta
  4. Are u looking for a Brother my sl age is 12/06/2015 in rl i am a full adult in sl im 8 years old but in an adult avi and thats what i play in i am in Need for a father figure if u could get back to me that would be awsome i have no Lindins to be adopted and i am a very lonely person so i am in need of a family please HELP! i wouldent mind haveing sisters
  5. hi my name is VampireGod1200 and i am looking for a loveing family i rolplay as an adult i do voice i am really lonely i need to be loved bye a Family i am Curently homeless no where to go but Secondlife Sims and Streets i would like to be Off the Streets and in a good home please Help Me find a home ;(
  6. Contacting you for intrest in this job my name is VampirGod1200 Please Get back to me asap Thanks would love a Job like this easy i am on FB All the time and i know how to upload stuff to the websights and Facebook Please contact me thanks i am Def intrested
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