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  1. They could potentially damage network cards... however... I'm sure the traffic is cutting off at firewalls before actually hitting the servers. It could potentially harm load balancers, or firewalls... pretty much any equipment standing in front of the servers that handle the traffic. Anything that requires computing and processing traffic definitely can consume computing power creating heat... to much heat on equipment can cause damage. However at the end of the day it is VERY unlikely to create any permanent damage. Not like LL is running commodores or something... *EDIT* ..... I hope.
  2. A good network engineer wouldn't be enough as I stated other methods as well. I know they haven't because this would not have been an ongoing issue for almost a week now. A day sure... adapt make changes. But at this point I think its very clearly not much has changed.
  3. Most companies hire decent network engineers, develop contingency plans to minimize downtime, as well as creating partnerships with 3rd party companies who may be better suited at preventing larger scale attacks. All of which linden labs doesn't seem to be investing in... instead lets start some cool new game. *ends rant*
  4. Well this post caught my attention... I hardly ever comment or post on here. As a post-op trans woman this frustrates me in some sense. The LGBT community as a whole doesn't accept me and I could care or less. I dont need to be a a part of something to be a somebody. I have my views and other people have theirs and they're entitled to it. I just dont agree with the "non-binary" thing. Really? Do we seriously need 101 different ways to call someone and if you dont you're to be shamed for it. My personal encounters with many of these people have been not so great. And I think I can speak for other people in that regard. This whole "rights" movement to me has done more harm than good for those who actually suffer. (again my opinion). What I am saying, is a vast majority of people riding this movement have used it in away to get their "15 seconds of fame" sort to speak. It's become more of a fashion statement, an excuse for people to lie and cover their backs when it comes to online social communities. Straight people dont go around telling the world they're straight. No one cares! Most people just dont want you to lie about who you are and just stay true to yourself. You make great friends that way.
  5. WE ARE HIRING MORE STAFF!!!!! Sinful Studios is hiring DJ's AND Hosts for all three of our Venues! Club Freeze ~ Genres: Trance, Techno, Electro, House, Progressive, EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, Top40. Club Onyx ~ Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&b, Bounce. Sinfuly Divine Lounge Gentleman's Club ~ Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&b, Bounce. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN WORLD: (Melissa4307)
  6. Hi, I just started getting back into SL after almost 7 months of inactivity. I'm looking to make some extra money and entertain amazing people. I'm very flexible and can learn really fast. I already have a full mesh body. Thank you!
  7. Old, I know. But yes, I am still looking!
  8. Hello, My name is Melissa. My account is less than 30 days old. It is hard to find a position with a young account. I understand the reason. Thus is the reason why I am posting here instead. I am looking for a Dancer/Stripper position. I know how to emote and grab someones attention. I am extremly friendly and get along with just about anyone. I am available late nights weekly. Mondays: 5:30PM - 10PM Tuesdays: 1AM - 5AM, 5:30PM - 10PM Wednesday: 1AM - 5AM Thursday: 1AM - 5AM, 5:30PM - 10PM Friday: N/A Saturday: 5:30PM - 10PM Sunday; 1AM - 5AM
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