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  1. Couldn't you just Clear Visible Cache? If you remain at a lower DD while on the ground, say 96, or 200, or 400, whatever you want that is NOT in the thousands, you'll not see the shadow, after clearing visible cache. That's my theory. You can do it like this: get one of those freebies that are a singple prim and say "Sit to clear visible cache," and keep it on your land handy. You just sit on it and ZOOM!, up it takes you several thosands of meters, I don't reemember the height.. 2000? 3000?, I forget. And it holds you up there while your visible cache is clearing itself, and when done it zooms you back to ground. Simple. That skybox shadow should be gone. That's my expectation. And will stay gone until next time you cam up there from ground and reload it into visible cache. I could be wrong. But you can probably experiment right now without that freebie. Just hover yourself in Fly mode at ground level, make sure your dd is appropriately low, then using chat command, type: gth 3500, then hitting Enter UP you zoom. I would just hover up there (since you are in Fly mode) for 3 to 5 seconds just to be sure it clears all. First time i ever sat on that freebie box (shaped like a log in Gor), i was zoomed up, and there i sat in the heavens for almost 5 seconds and thought, someone just played a prank on me and so impulsively unseated myself and fell the whole thousands of meters back to land. There was no flying ability in Gor sims. Hah, that bent my sword.. But, once on the ground all my greyness of textures was gone. That was in the early years. Should work still today.
  2. ...partial narcissist, percent narcissist... OKAY!!.. Let’s settle this! To the OP: No, you are not a narcissist, just another spoiled brat! :p OK…OK…. I’ll admit it, I’m one too. Alright…? Alright! Now, get off my back!
  3. Half the fun of Second Life is exploration, so try using Search in-game, running different terms and see what results you get -- some will be sims you can go to and some are groups you can explore and join. This alone can increasse your knowledge of Second Life dramatically and bring you to many unknown things.
  4. Sounds interestnig; keep us updated on your progress. My first thought toward financing is that "player base" you mention, which typically is how roleplays try to finance themselves. Of course, you need a healthy player base that loves your system well enough to want to help toward sustaining it. Reminds me of an early medieval fantasy combat RP called Ambrea encompassing some 13 sims in huge continent of many active rp groups and factions. Opportunities for interaction were all but endless. The combat system, called RPS, was entirely unique and included a progression ladder for a slow accretion of power and skills on a HUD/meter system that tracked progress over rp time and based upon ingame experience built by interactions including combat itself to work your way up each level. That system involved some real skills players could develop and that was addicting. That's different from the widely popular Gorean system, where there are hno levels, just player skills. The gorean bow fighting is a very good, better than RPS in my opinion, but it's melee system is utterly inferior to what RPS was in terms of skill developing opportunities and therefore, fun. Gorean sword fighting is like slashing in a mudbath with blindfolds and only lasts a matter of seconds. The Ambrea weaspon system was so good that players paid an ingame monthly subscription fee in $Lindens to the builder in order to keep their HUD & meters active! It was a free system to use up to level 3 ( of 9 levels), so townies and village folk might play at that, but the tension out in the outerlands between factions meant ALL else wanted the abilbity to build their skills according to their fantasy race and cultural powers in magics, combat, healing, flying and so on. That system's success and desireability brought in income that contributed to region coss. Plus, there was an active marketplace in the sky to supply varous rp stuffs, and where all weapons developers sold their ever new development of various and unique weapons, potions and so one. This too helps contribute toward costs. We know that success breeds further success. I suspect you have achieved in these first steps of creating yoru ststem vision, by the sound of it, but now you need a NEXT step, and you conceive it rightly as LANDS on which to build out the products of your system. I like the idea of collabing with those rp regions already in existence right now that might be attracted to your ideas and maybe even your system as a way to infuse their own game with new energy. Good luck.
  5. That is the root, and here is the historical reality. Humans have always borrowed from other cultures and for differing reasons. Like gathering relics of war among your enemies whom you feared, for the pride and esteem among your compatriots -- this goes back to ancient times, and too, human cultures will tend to learn and mimic from other cultures for their differing uses of medicines, diets, habits and clothing, and even spiritual beliefs and methods of upliftment. This is the reality, and is not in itself a negative. Normal people have always loved borrowing from other cultures out of admiration, and too, it can seen very cool among your friends when you appear more educated and worldly and they more blandly provencial and ignorant loafs. Hah. This explains the American hippy culture of constant appropriation, and it explains our current times, and every other generation before us and those to come. You can't stop it, but you can hopefully learn not to take umbrage at this kernel of it. No, the face of a foreign cultural god should not be blindly converted into a dinner plate, nor tattoos for sale, without expecting some cultural blowback. But that can't deny nor halt the inbred, broad appeal of interest in other cultures among human beings. I like to think that respect lies at the core of that, even when it is clumsy or seeming blindly commercial. The fact that there is a market (mostly among the young and naive) means it has a long, abiding appeal among homo sapiens. Yes, education and patience are the key here.
  6. THIS! Thank you very much for that candor, it makes me feel better and imbues me with renewed patience. We are "getting it on," so yeah, keep up the push. I came here just now out of concerns at the continuing issues in performance, but you just explained it all. ~Cheers!
  7. THIS, is such a GREAT point, and your son would benefit in such a place as Second Life, simply because of the use of writing. We are all different and many of us are quite verbally fluent, yet when it comes to the written word we can stumble, and my theory is that our brains move so fast, that writing, being a slower medium, acts as a sort of moving roadblock -- our fingers can't keep up with the firing synapses of our cortex. So, like... our great ideas get mangled by now smashing into one another in their fast occurring sequence, while waiting for the labors of trying to capture them onto written media. That capture is never quite as good as the very stream itself. Add to this the left/right brain theory: speaking is a left side activity, and intuition/imagination (where ideas are spawned) is right side, the side which does NOT use words for speaking. That's a crude description but let me move on. So, we must learn to mesh these. THUS, a place like Second Life is exactly where your son can benefit. Roleplay sims to me were a heaven! I could practice using my fingers to work fast and keep up with my imaginative stream. You build true skills here. Many people like your son become writers, and this is how they do it. Practice, fueled by desire, and real fun.
  8. SECRETS TIME: Using the HUD you can get for Hugs and Kisses, stand casually in front of your mate, bump up against him, but don't struggle at being EXACTLY in front (I'll show you why), and then execute the Hug animation via the HUD, and when your partner accepts the permission popup (or when you accept one) then... AND NOW FOR THE SECRET....!! >> Go into Mouselook (press the "m" key) and here you can turn your body smoothly and easily and in tiny increments during this animation and get your smacker right onto his!. Then come out of mouselook (scroll back your mouse scroll wheel) and enjoy. Your partner can do this too so you meet nicely. You see this all the time amongst experienced players. They start the hug, it's wrong, then they magically swivel so easily to mesh together, and make a damned near perfect embrace/kiss. But there is another tip... seen in below comment, about hover.... As for walking I can't answer that one. Sitting and snuggling, of course, is the right furniture, even rugs. You can learn to adjust x..y..z... positioning with practice but DON'T forget your hover. Learn your hover! When sitting to snuggle, adjust your hover position to "0.00" and see if that gives you the perfect position with your mate. But she/he may have a hover setting of their own that is different from zero. So, Okay, just try to adjust your height up or down a bit and see if that doesn't bring you two into unison. It may not, some furniture is cheap and the animations not so perfect, or someone else has tinkered with the x..y..z.. etc, but these things can often bring fast improvement for you quite easily. --Cheerio!
  9. Yeah. I think I've come to see it that way too, and in a broader sense to answer my own "general" question. It is that, when we log onto a "game" platform or some chat platforms, that just because there is a convenient little interface there for us to control the volumes, even turning them "off" (which may in fact not be true), during our experiences on the platform, doesn't mean those little UI's are functioning as absolute firewalls. I get that. So, it makes sense that clever other people can find work arounds and still broadcast to your speakers or headset (around those interfaces, in a sense) and it's not necessarily a malicious attack on the player's home system or computer. That is what I suspect is the reality in this.
  10. ...an to elaborate, is was inside SL (not outside on the player side), since the player realizing she couldn't turn it off in the viewer (Firestorm latest vers.) suspected foul play and closed the viewer, logging out, and the sound stopped as she exited. The next day in the same region she heard the voice clip again and asked a friend with her if she heard but she didn't. She is rather calm about this, but concerned. It happened tonight that in a public sandbox, a music clip came loud over the region music and she franticlly pulled all sliders to the left and unchecked boxes and the pulled Msaster volume to the left, and yet after some interim it came again, the exact same clip, so she tp'd out of the region and that brought it to a halt. She went back with another man and soon it came again and that man could not hear it. She cammed around the samebox and located a transparent sphere under ground that had an avatar name to it, so she opened his profile, and even IM'd him to ask if he was playing the cool music and who the artist was, heh, in hopes of a response but none came. She then waited calmly for the next occurrence so she could try blocking that avatar, but it didn't come again and she finally wearied and left. She told me all this and I haven't gone to that sandbox yet, nor heard of such a thing happening. To me the general interest is HOW is this possible?
  11. Is it possible to receive sounds (music or voice) in your headset (or speakers) which are not coming from any of the sound sliders on your settings as you stand in a region where suddenly it comes in OVER the region music if you have it on, and you turn that music OFF, turn the voice off, media off.. all sliders moved hard to the left, including Master volume itself, and yet, the sound plays on all by itself....and after some small interim will repeat regardless all of your settings of everything off... and maybe you tp out to another region and it follows you and finishes it's short clip, such as a 10 second (or so) clip of music, or in one case a voice as of someone speaking on a phone call.. and when later maybe 5 minutes or so, it repeats and you cannot mute it or find it,.. thus Is this possible? Can such sounds/clips be made to reach you AROUND the viewer itself, around your router, and into your headset, or speakers, and emanating from inside SL itself?
  12. Funny how consistently wrong you are. Know it or not, I've been helping you. You appear to be someone who just labels what they don't understand. It's not going to serve you well going forward.
  13. Oddly, you didn't attempt to expand on my concepts, but rather to roll your eyes, label them, and then express frustration. That's when anyone can see you are not serious about discussion. You seem to want to pretend. But that's ok. I accept you. I support you in your growth. But don't think you fool anyone.
  14. Yes, and frankly, this thread portended its own "flame war" even predicting what on pages it should begin. Then, it is suggested further on, with, "/me takes a long toke, passes it to someone else in the dorm room and settles down into the role of devil's advocate." So, it's all fine, no real bullying going on here. And yes, ad hominem reared it's face at, "...I roll my eyes at your superiority gig," from the OP. Ok. I'm game to play. Hope it wasn't too distracting. And btw, the purpose of the "comment search" suggestions was to buttress the fact that originality of expression (which stems from thought) is alive and well, and found everywhere. Ok, not everywhere, maybe even hardly ANYwhere. But, oh well.
  15. Wow. Thank you for this thread! I love African music -- from the Cape to the Nile -- that is our common cradle. Listening to that Blood Diamond piece is moving as such music is; it gives you the sense of a long forgotten pathway receding far away behind it. I'll offer up here my latest that I listen to while doing work. Like yours, the instruments become definitive as it progresses.
  16. It's plain my distinction evades you. Maybe your brain will learn to distinguish in more detail later on. On second thought... meh, probably not.
  17. It's not only absolutely possible, it is the definition of human evolution. Look, let me explain. Since the fullness of reality is beyond our limited senses, there are simply things we can never know about this sea of existence in which we live — then it’s axiomatic that we are truth-starved beings in a grand unknowable universe. Just like the ants beneath our feet, hugely truth-starved beings just so, are we. Let junior gato run a quote search on those words. Hah. Being truth-starved, we seek. Seeking we can find small trails. That's pretty cool, if you can find them.
  18. Yeah, I recognize that technique. Some who lack original thought like to quote others (in this case, Havel) as a stand-in for what they don't have. But it's okay. I'm accustomed to that. It fades with the substance of any other segment of echo. But to quote you directly, "False dichotomies are rife tonight in the GD subforum! (Probably elsewhere too)." I'm sorry that I assumed you comprehended the fact that the state of being is more comprehensive than (and inclusive of) the mere state of doing. You thought it was a comment of dichotomy. tsk tsk.
  19. Yeah, I hear you. You've summed up the world, haven't you. Think of humanity as a population of chickens in a barnyard... whole lot of cluckin' going on.
  20. Be nice if you could not only buy it on sale, but buy it using Lindens.
  21. Well, I guess if you had to read it (the book by Andrews).... not your fault.... LOVE, is a monumental pinnacle, embodied in only 4 letters. What a cruel joke that is. Makes the subject wide open for bland gibberish of all kinds, like spitting on your windshield to think you might buff up a better sheen on what you don't comprehend. Animals understand love in minds that lack words. Ponder that. Like any pinnacle, those 4 letters have a pyramidal base of a zillion other words to describe, create it, up-build it from the rubbish, and uphold it in the high airs, and all the while after a millennia of hominid travail, hopes, losses, enlightenment and darkness. By now, you either got it; or you ain't. It's inbred, encoded, dna encrypted. LOVE, becomes a subject over coffee in the afternoon. Oh look, here is a book by author, So-and-So. How nice; let us look. Cream? Like anything of supreme value, un-prepossessed by many (SO many) a field of hubris lies surrounding it, pages of books scattering. Words about something so generic, while unique, as if something simple, existing out there all on its own, and like a stray butterfly wing blown across your vision on a soft breeze, you think, what mystical creature was that!? It was not. It was more. And yet it was less. When you can box that, and pour it into your empty pickle jar, then you have a life and don't need the gibberish, the interpretations that can never describe what you are. Words that take pride in denoting acts of doing. Ho-hum, pardon as I yawn. There is a difference between doing, and being. You don't even have to talk about the latter one. In other words, love is not something you do. It is something you be. It is something are.
  22. That IS the definitive statement. I got it. I can read definitive. It must be from the Definitive Girl.
  23. ...I gotta friend, wantza take a bus trip over there. Ya know, get away for a wile, maybe do some bizness. Ehh? He donn know where ta buy da ticket to, ya know? Where da heck are ya?
  24. Hey ynck, 1. the swimsuit you tried to wear is for the system body. That is the avatar you got when you first joined SL -- we call it the "system body." When you see the little "clothes" icon beside the swimsuit in your inventory, that tells you it is for the system body, NOT for your mesh body. Sometimes the little icon is of a "shirt," or an icon of "pants", those all tell you they are for your old system avatar. 2. Now, you have a very nice mesh body and it does not wear "system" clothes. So, don't even try to wear that swimsuit. Go shopping for mesh clothes that say they are made for Belleza; they won't have those little clothing icons in your inventory beside them, they will have the little box icon. You just right click and "add" the mesh clothes that are made for Belleza and you are done. When you shop for clothes you will see what bodies they are made for, they will tell you. And when you see "Belleza" is listed, then you know you can buy it and successfully wear it. The a free "Demo" first and see if you like it. 3. There is a way for your mesh body to wear those "system clothes" and it is called using BOM. You do NOT have to do this. It is just a choice you can make later. I personally never use BOM. I use the Belleza skin and body and buy mesh clothes that work for Belleza. Simple. 4. Learn about BOM later. Good luck, mate!
  25. ^ THIS one wins the prize! But it's even better; you can go to the little eyeball at the top (menu bar area) of your Friend's List and click that eyeball up there, and ALL the little friend's eyeballs down your list go dim, as you are essentially logged off to them. Don't forget to turn it back on later, or you will have friends wondering why you aren't around anymore.
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