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  1. Protection really is a key. In real life we learn of people by full dimensional space, their body language, expressions and evasions, smiles and frowns, inquisitiveness or close-mindedness, care for details or ignorance of them, "...givers" or "takers..," etc. Oh yes, we can perceive that a sexual interest can exist inside the SL context, but we can't so easily grasp yet all the rest of what another person truly is, nor should we try to believe what small bits are perceived through the little cracks of digital media, nor even so far as chatting in voice like on the phone or even with Skype. Nothing compares to the physical presence plus time, leading to familiarity and enough trust. But even then there is the risk of unknown pasts. So this discussion regarding Second Life in such a context becomes like the old stories of the catalog bride -- letters exchanged, then she arrives. Do people want to get self-righteous about that kind of decision and its outcome? I think it's desperation that leads people to this no matter what era in which it occurs. Oh, it might work, I'll give you that. But you have no right to expect that people in SL should participate with you in this hope and a prayer proceeding. I know men who get huffy when a woman won't voice with them. But i also know they have no desire for anything but a little sexual play and will bully a little bit to see if they can up their pleasure by getting her on mic. It's a sport.
  2. Thus, describeth the World! All the birds that jabber in the trees are speaking at once of the very same seeds, yet each from each a different vantage it sees.
  3. I think it's wrong to suggest SL needs to "live up" to some other construct. Indeed, it could be stated the other way around, "Fortnite needs to live up to Second Life." You see, Fortnite moves too fast, it's superficial and thrill oriented, whereas Second Life is slower, deeply textual, and essentially involves more human meaning (yes, even if you play a furry, you know what I mean). We type out thoughtful text. Our world moves slower (like real life) and there is time to delve the deeper realms of human meaning and even its rich humor to be expressed, when in our Second Life doings and relations. This is different, and not just chasing colorful rainbows or pvp combat where you die pretty quickly (Sl already has pvp combat, too). No, these two "game" experiences will remain distinctively different. Why? Because, where Fortnite, is a busy, jolly, merry-go-round kid's park, Second Life is a more measured gathering of people drawn together for different meanings of their own devise -- scores of unique constructs, imaginings, social events, story lines, live music and dancing, and prims to mould, morph and build our own cool things and mesh that we can upload to augment our constructs. These are very different experiences of real consequence between these two "metaverses," if that term applies. Oh yes, Fortnite can have all the kids of the world, and they will play as long as the money holds out. The real question for Fortnite is, ...err... what then? The onus falls upon Fortnite here: can it really craft deeper meanings into its popular shooter game that might ever hope to approach accomplishing some of with what Second Life does so easily? I suggest not. And the direction toward VR is not an answer to anything; it's just another piece of glitter. The hype of VR became corporate folly several years ago and they are paying for it now. And finally, there is no competition against the power of literary expression that comes in the form of textual communication. It is a magic as old as the written word, and our long history is proof of it. I'm not saying all participants in SL need to be literary genius', but that typing things about ourselves is literary. So, for all the comparisons of a new Fortnite "metaverse" as opposed to the existing world of Second Life, the main ingredient of strong emphasis on textual communication and all the magic it brings, lies firmly here with Second Life. Yes, SL may have been an accidental creation, but Fortnite is not building toward it, and won't be able to displace it. Not unless it can learn how to slow down.
  4. ...exactly. And that suggests that, like with online banks, if you log in from a "different" IP address you may have to jump through identity hoops.
  5. There were merfolk in Ravenscraig (gone now) and I was a sturdy fae warrior who sometimes posed as the tavern barkeep to sneak free drinks and make some loose change until I got outed and vamoosed in the night. Anyway, the Mer Queen of Ravenscraig was a delicious thing and she loved to cast her charms on passing men along the banks as her entertainment and would seek to lure them down to the depths of her watery world and to their own demise. This was a warring land in those days so you could never be sure what any creature might do and that queen could fight. Anyway, one day I spied her from the air far below me and on a whim I decided to drop down and snatch this queen up like an eagle with his delicious wiggling trout lifted out the rainbow waters, and yet she was not so tiny as a trout and a skillful diva with spear as well as her spells, and she possessed slashing blades of deadly sharp conch shards too, and so she grabbed onto me just as quickly as I onto her, and she would have disemboweled me in an instant and taken me down for fish food, I believe, if she could. Or else, surely have enslaved me for her amusement. Well, so suddenly I appreciated the gravity of this situation -- here we were, each locked upon each in a sudden unexpected death-match, as between some Duke of the Airs and the Queen of the Waters, both met suddenly in a seemingly explosion of mist at the wave tops where bordering the two realms we struggled now, half in water, half in the air. Oh, her tail whipped up the turgid waves as she sought to pull me under as HER prize, and I beat my wings half wet now against the thin air to lift us both, and yet neither could happen, And so here we remained, struggling tightly and her lips were so tauntingly close, but I held her so she could make no stabs with her shells nor bite me. Oh how she hated me for the nerve of thinking I could boldly steal her from her queendom, as my own daisy to toy with, and how she hissed her sea curses at me through luscious lips and angry sparklingly, fascinating eyes. But fae have their own magics and though struggling for my life as hard as she for hers, I smiled at her in all gentlemanly grace I could manage, to tease her about our predicament, though my face tightened with the struggle of wings unable yet to prevail against the under-powers of her beautiful curvy tail. Still, I taunted her with saucy sweet musings while trying to calculate if I might conquer this queen, or else, better make a quick extrication lest I find my tired muscles drawing down into the depths of her shadowy world where who knows what awaits me there. Seelie pride could not allow that! So, I laughed suddenly like a sneering lusty pirate to enrage her and feigned a kiss against her lovely neck being sure to keep away from her teeth, and this so diverted her concentration for just an instant that I used my stronger arms to push us apart and grabbed the air with my hardy wings and lifted just above her where I smiled down at her for the neatness of that trick. It freed us both and yes I was safe a few meters above to taunt the beauty if I chose, yet I did not. I paid her the respect she was due for her skills and her reign of charms in her own magical world, and like equals of different realms I saluted her and lifted away with tired wings. That experiment was over, and I'm sure if she were to read this today, even though It was a single chance encounter, she remembers. All should visit the mer world, while they seem quietly satisfied in their temporary and sassy peace.
  6. Theresa posted the LL language: "We quickly opened a ticket with the network provider and started engaging with them. That’s never a fun thing to do because these are times when we’re waiting on hold on the phone with a vendor while Second Life isn’t running as well as it usually does." Thank you, that is clear. However I can see how it is curious an ISP is referred to as "provider in one breath and "vendor" thereafter. It only suggests to me that the communication came from the business side rather than the technical. In contracts and accounting an ISP can indeed be a "vendor." But, I quite like this keen little comment, that went unnoticed: Hah! That was like Lecter saying, "Oh, agent Starling, do you really think you can dissect me with this blunt little tool?" And it's such a keen point with all the ToS being thrown in OP's face. Adhesion contracts are broad and one-sided and while reasonable, they have holes precisely because they are broad. Purchasing an airline ticket is agreeing to an adhesion contract and yet airlines are sued all the time. There are many, many other reasonable expectations. The weakness of adhesion contracts ( TOS, or "General Conditions") is that they are ultimately challengeable in court since they can be found unfair, especially since they are also the blunt-force bargaining chip leveraged against consumers wishing to partake, or already invested in, the provision of a service. In a discussion amongst squabbling vendors on a development or a construction site you might be laughed at for bringing up the boilerplate general conditions when it is the “special conditions” that holds relevance to most arguments of interest, such as reasonable expectations of service. Nice point, hit like an uppercut nobody saw. Just because something is in TOS does not mean one should not be able to ask questions.
  7. Also, beware of your expectations. In general, running SL "fast and with no lag" does not equate with "$200." Realize that most players on older laptops and desktops tend to have to adjust down their ingame SL graphics settings, those settings are found in the "Preferences" tab. A $200 lappy doesn't usually run on "Ultra" performance setting, or even "High" or even "Mid." Often their owners run them on "Low" graphics just so the lag is at least tolerable. This is a choice you will surely face no matter what laptop you get in that low price range. In fact, in that range you are likely going to face buying something that either won't run SL hardly at all, or will run SL but slow as molasses, even when you crank down all your graphics settings to the lowest. You hope to hit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum and well hopefully be acceptable to you. It's a gamble. But if you are somehow lucky in what you find, you still won't be using Ultra setting, but something below it. How far below, no one can tell until you plug it in and log it on. I tell you so you won't be disappointed no mater how hard you work finding a good $200 machine. You're gonna crank down your ingame graphics. And frankly that's not a tragic thing. We do that in all games. We adjust the game graphics to our individual computer. We trade between running the game fast, OR taking some loss in speed for better graphics. So, your's is not a simple equation, but a sliding scale between those two factors. That's how it is. My first years in SL were spent in the lower/mid graphics settings. Good luck.
  8. Great Heavens, where did my statement "assume that extroverts aren't introspective?" Houston we have a problem. Try reading slower. Heavens again... who said that introverts never are "exchanging particular outward energies..." in a group scenario, or ANY scenario for that matter?? And based on your slant you then cast the mould to suggest it "...is not likely to lead to riveting RP." That's actually funny given you already demonstrate you have no base for it. Oh well, moving on. Funny how you twist things to meet your presumptions. Actually though, it's not funny. You've twice proclaimed your "fed up" with this particular personality trait discussion that is being advanced in recent years by new research. Maybe you are struggling with it for personal reasons. Sorry I triggered something in you. But i do have to point out that your bias interferes with your understanding. You might want to take a look at that. And actually, just gaining a little knowledge is one cure to a life built on uninformed opinion. Good luck. choose files... Click to choose files
  9. Let me rephrase. Why would you assume introverts do NOT do that? Seems to be your implication, unless i'm reading your wrong.
  10. Why would you assume that occurs in roleplaying? You haven't thought that one through.
  11. Well, to my thinking, introversion is linked with introspection. This could explain the draw to roleplay as that is inherently experimental and you learn things by experiment. True, not all human beings -- introvert or extrovert -- operate with the same mental facilities. I wasn't trying to draw that type of distinction. But it's also true that in group gatherings where extroverts are enjoying exchanging their particular outward energies, that introverts are quietly absorbing and synthesizing. I guess that's exactly what I did in making that post.
  12. Fascinating discussion from start to finish. This displays the depth and appeal of roleplay as found here in SL. You know, Prof. Jordan Peterson in one of his classes on personality and creativity remarked that introverts were highly drawn to roleplay as a creative outlet and he wasn't sure why. We know why, and probably a lot of introverts are found here in this thread. That is usually where the deep water runs.
  13. Any update? What I envisioned in reading your ideas (which I've just now seen here) was Christopher Alexander's, A Pattern Language. You are starting out at the "towns and communities" level and here the patterns are beginning to be laid, such as say, a rigid, grid-like conception coming from doing it all in once with a godlike overview, or as organic and free-form morphing over time and by necessity of collaborations with the life and the buildings occurring around you and how to fit with that evolution in form of patterns and uses. This is as any growing community will do over time and necessity. I found myself thinking oh, I would want to build Miss Pitty Pat's house on PeachTree Street. It was of course only a dirt lane at that time in Atlanta when the defeated Confederates straggled tragically back into the city past that house wherein Scarlett O'Hara lived with her aunt and stoodon the porch that day to watch in horror. Oh, how Peachtree Street is different today than when Miss Pitty's bungalow sat and horse buggies passed by. But too, A Pattern Language is filled with stunning micro examples of how people, doing just as you envision in your experiment except extended over a span of history, tended to create organic structures to fit with organic needs and expediencies of any particular time in both for external and internally linked utility and as integrated aesthetically. Such a uniqueness of living found in that study of Alexander's and the patterns he isolated out of it. Its a new world today, different ideas and technologies and different organics. Would be fun to see what you have done so far.
  14. Please. This does not convey the full risks alluded to by the poster. Today's cities all over the USA are being locked down by ransomware intruders with remarkable persistence. Risks today are broad, and to believe LL is immune because of your perception some DDoS preventions is to be living in a dream world. As for Goggle, you choose your own poison.
  15. Relax and get used to it. I have a friend who keeps her hover slider open on her screen (well, minimized up to one corner) so she can make adjustments on the fly. Some shoes require a slight adjustment, some floors are different, etc. plus she is picky and loves to sit right in all occasions. Hah. Works for her.
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