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  1. I'm fascinated too. But, as per your question, that could be his look for SL dates. I mean, really! This can add a whole new dimension to that. So, you make one of yourself in a tux, that's the formal date. Then one in your swim trunks, OR speedo, per preferences. That's for casual dates. Then you ...uhhhh.. wait... OH LOOK at that time! I gotta go.
  2. OOh Nooo, no no. That vid was a carload of something!
  3. I have been seeing weird "new" things too in colors (not to mention shapes) and I've chalked it up to maybe updates in the viewer? But now with all the discussions on map anomalies, here and other threads, I am left wondering, like everyone else. I wonder what regions those are, if mainland, for instance, perhaps such things are markers related to the ongoing switharoo toward AWS. Markers to assist in the mechanics of all that, things that need to be addressed first, or markers of relational values, whatever, when that process targets this area. Etc.
  4. Here's the cynical view. Increased online "usage" numbers increases value of an asset that is/was for sale.
  5. ...mmm, I'm thinking there is no name to nothing. *The child puts an ear to the the voiceless cosmos, listens and hears back, nothing....nothing...nothing... "What are you doing?" the mom says. "Nothing!"
  6. hmmm yess, I hear you. And there’s nothing worse than having nothing to say about nothing, and that’s all I have to say about that.
  7. I just learned (and yeah, maybe I'm the only fool not to know) the entire Blake Sea has been cloned to Aditi (the beta grid) where it is being re-worked and transferred to the cloud. There is talk of "fast crossings" at sim lines - along with bugs and fixes and fails, of course, but that is the process. And you want to find bugs. Ain't nuthin better 'n the world than to find a BUG and squash that thing into oblivion. But so, now here is the question. Should we just take a year off and come back to SL when this magnificent undertaking has been completed and running smoothly from that Big Daddy cloud of AWS? Then we can run out like children at recess and test the sim crossings everywhere in our own speedboats and airplanes? I mean, it's surely gonna take a year, right? Or is it. So, wait a minute before you answer. Here's what I think (and of course, what else in the WORLD is more important that that!? Huh?). First off, using the Blake Sea is smart, because it's full of broad expanses and thus minimal disturbances to builds on peoples' properties, and so beginning there to transfer from SL servers to the cloud serves to get the kinks worked out in a cumbersome process with a little space and calmness while you do it. I know how that goes. Like any complex project fraught with unforeseen encounters, you just tool up and begin. You start small in some out-of-the-way place, if you can, and start making your mistakes so you can alter your approaches, learn and build your efficiencies of doing. You also then create strong and knowledgeable teams and once you're rolling and everything is relatively predictable you can expand those teams and move fast and slick. Completion time is always a product of size of skilled teams and resources. Thus, it might be achievable in say, 6 months? But who knows. And really I suspect that once they've lifted Mainland to the cloud, you can then, just bring up the private regions one at a time at your leisure if you want. So, maybe we don't really need to take a year's break at all. Not like we were going to any how. Just be ready for some dust and noise as work seems at hand. And as always, tell me how I'm wrong and completely full of milkshake. ~ Cheers!
  8. No, really her draw distance must be like 64,000. Look at her world map. DD is So HUGE it stretches across the SL voids. I've used dd 4000 many times, just standing on a sim and searching the floating debris up above a parcel. My first thought was that she has dd at 15,000, but, really her read on it as 64 makes me think it's really 64,000. Neon, girl, go check your settings closely. When you backed off the 512 you really maybe didn't get it backed off and entered your 64, and now have 64,512. Luck to ye lassie!
  9. This goes way back to the invention of the AOL chatroom, and all the others to follow, and then online gaming in its wake. Any chance to link one comp to another in some way. He was probing to see how much of your shields you would let down. Get you in voice and he might soon be in your machine.
  10. Rezz days are for children. Mount Olympus merely smiles down on your good fortune at having them.
  11. That's the harshness of how virus' are. I have heard stories from relatives about the poliovirus (infantile paralysis) striking MOSTLY children, and when it became epidemic in the '50s (as with earlier outbreaks way back to the turn of the century and beyond) people were told to quarantine. No one knew what to do. Even Roosevelt contracted it at age 29, but survived it. What a terrible virus. It spread so easily, and it devastates your children. What gods can you curse!? What fiends can you track down and murder to STOP such a thing in this world? You would give our own right arm to NOT have that happen to your child! The Iron Lung was created back in the '30s (or earlier), which is essentially equivalent to our ventilators today, just to keep the terribly afflicted alive enough to try to get through it. Some, -- Heavens Above! -- some few, could not live outside that iron lung. Who can even imagine the torment of that, on a victim, on the ones who love them. You would just wish you had never been born. What agony is that! Can you imagine if that was hitting us today, targeting our children, letting us mostly go on with mild or no symptoms? The mass civilized mindset would just explode. And there is no easy answer, now as back then, just quarantine and spacial distancing. Schools continued. Life went on. You hoped; you prayed. Finally a vaccine was crafted that worked, by Jonas Salk. He tested it on himself and his own family. Would that happen today? What a world. What a country we are. Polio has been eradicated from the earth (last case in USA in 1982 i think), EXCEPT ...for one little spot on the globe, Afghanistan. Thus. the poliovirus is still here, it can return if vaccinations ever cease to be effective. With Covid-19 we too must endure with distancing and quarantining and masks, UNTIL that vaccine is created, tested, approved, taken to manufacturing, shipped, and then administered on a grand scale. That takes time. I remember some relatives saying they took it on a sugar cube as small children in school. What stoic strength we had back then. I guess expectations are low when you don't live OVER-saturated in reports and opinions and alarm. A virus cannot be stopped, lacking a vaccine. Herd immunity is the natural way to build antibodies in everyone but you must endure a huge loss in population of those who succumb instead. Agony and loss is the typical story. So, today humanity lives on a shoestring; it is stretched across the precipice of Oblivion and we walk across it every day, known as the viral vaccinations that are keeping us protected -- until they no longer. Buck up! We know what to do, even if we don't like it.
  12. This IS a good question, and I wouldn't be surprised if our new "owners"/controllers move in that direction. with these ongoing and unfolding new member efforts underway (or still in planning), just as they are about to take the helm. Here's a good Tshirt suggestion with a nice SL emblem: Fix The Damned Hardware! ~ Cheers
  13. As per "was it sold" asked by Pixie, apparently the acquiring party (the investment group) were allowed to purchase a controlling position in stocks, meaning LL holders agreed to sell that amount to them. Thus, the new buyers take positions on the board of directors which they essentially control, but that doesn't mean despotism. Boards do real work and try hard for successes. Nor does it mean the death of LL and it's creation SL. Nor will we really learn much now, until this transference is made. The agreement has been reached and silent will remain until closing. So, for us, there has been this slight mysterious burst of the volcano above us -- our own little Mauna Kea living quietly there beside us (".. the moon moves around her while she sleeps...") -- and too, we see have seen the mysterious puffs of smoke in these announcements of the "acquisition," yet we can't know the meanings. Not yet, and probably even the board won't know 'til the new guys walk in and sit down. I hope the buffet is good that day. And so, our Mauna Kea that is LL/SL, continues to stand there where our avatars were born beside her, and where "the sun spreads its warmth across her face." ~ A hui hou kākou
  14. This is an interesting vein. Because, I can perceive an opportunity lying inside this transaction, as was hinted, back in the mysterious announcement of Arm Treasure Data CDP, an apparent direct investment toward a strategic attack to boost new memberships, an effort that seems to have worked, and so up goes value. It could be that this was done as a result of negotiations with these buyers, you know like, Oh, I'll buy your house if you'll paint over the purple walls and magenta trim with some sand-marbled charolais and lemon butter creme. Or, it could have been the result of some LL brainstorming over at corporate, a fixer-upper effort on the old beast -- make it shiny then SELL IT. What it all means for us? Who knows. Now pass the cheese swirled croissants, those over on the end where no one's breathed yet.
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