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  1. Theresa posted the LL language: "We quickly opened a ticket with the network provider and started engaging with them. That’s never a fun thing to do because these are times when we’re waiting on hold on the phone with a vendor while Second Life isn’t running as well as it usually does." Thank you, that is clear. However I can see how it is curious an ISP is referred to as "provider in one breath and "vendor" thereafter. It only suggests to me that the communication came from the business side rather than the technical. In contracts and accounting an ISP can indeed be a "vendor." But, I quite like this keen little comment, that went unnoticed: Hah! That was like Lecter saying, "Oh, agent Starling, do you really think you can dissect me with this blunt little tool?" And it's such a keen point with all the ToS being thrown in OP's face. Adhesion contracts are broad and one-sided and while reasonable, they have holes precisely because they are broad. Purchasing an airline ticket is agreeing to an adhesion contract and yet airlines are sued all the time. There are many, many other reasonable expectations. The weakness of adhesion contracts ( TOS, or "General Conditions") is that they are ultimately challengeable in court since they can be found unfair, especially since they are also the blunt-force bargaining chip leveraged against consumers wishing to partake, or already invested in, the provision of a service. In a discussion amongst squabbling vendors on a development or a construction site you might be laughed at for bringing up the boilerplate general conditions when it is the “special conditions” that holds relevance to most arguments of interest, such as reasonable expectations of service. Nice point, hit like an uppercut nobody saw. Just because something is in TOS does not mean one should not be able to ask questions.
  2. Also, beware of your expectations. In general, running SL "fast and with no lag" does not equate with "$200." Realize that most players on older laptops and desktops tend to have to adjust down their ingame SL graphics settings, those settings are found in the "Preferences" tab. A $200 lappy doesn't usually run on "Ultra" performance setting, or even "High" or even "Mid." Often their owners run them on "Low" graphics just so the lag is at least tolerable. This is a choice you will surely face no matter what laptop you get in that low price range. In fact, in that range you are likely going to face buying something that either won't run SL hardly at all, or will run SL but slow as molasses, even when you crank down all your graphics settings to the lowest. You hope to hit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum and well hopefully be acceptable to you. It's a gamble. But if you are somehow lucky in what you find, you still won't be using Ultra setting, but something below it. How far below, no one can tell until you plug it in and log it on. I tell you so you won't be disappointed no mater how hard you work finding a good $200 machine. You're gonna crank down your ingame graphics. And frankly that's not a tragic thing. We do that in all games. We adjust the game graphics to our individual computer. We trade between running the game fast, OR taking some loss in speed for better graphics. So, your's is not a simple equation, but a sliding scale between those two factors. That's how it is. My first years in SL were spent in the lower/mid graphics settings. Good luck.
  3. Great Heavens, where did my statement "assume that extroverts aren't introspective?" Houston we have a problem. Try reading slower. Heavens again... who said that introverts never are "exchanging particular outward energies..." in a group scenario, or ANY scenario for that matter?? And based on your slant you then cast the mould to suggest it "...is not likely to lead to riveting RP." That's actually funny given you already demonstrate you have no base for it. Oh well, moving on. Funny how you twist things to meet your presumptions. Actually though, it's not funny. You've twice proclaimed your "fed up" with this particular personality trait discussion that is being advanced in recent years by new research. Maybe you are struggling with it for personal reasons. Sorry I triggered something in you. But i do have to point out that your bias interferes with your understanding. You might want to take a look at that. And actually, just gaining a little knowledge is one cure to a life built on uninformed opinion. Good luck. choose files... Click to choose files
  4. Let me rephrase. Why would you assume introverts do NOT do that? Seems to be your implication, unless i'm reading your wrong.
  5. Why would you assume that occurs in roleplaying? You haven't thought that one through.
  6. Well, to my thinking, introversion is linked with introspection. This could explain the draw to roleplay as that is inherently experimental and you learn things by experiment. True, not all human beings -- introvert or extrovert -- operate with the same mental facilities. I wasn't trying to draw that type of distinction. But it's also true that in group gatherings where extroverts are enjoying exchanging their particular outward energies, that introverts are quietly absorbing and synthesizing. I guess that's exactly what I did in making that post.
  7. Fascinating discussion from start to finish. This displays the depth and appeal of roleplay as found here in SL. You know, Prof. Jordan Peterson in one of his classes on personality and creativity remarked that introverts were highly drawn to roleplay as a creative outlet and he wasn't sure why. We know why, and probably a lot of introverts are found here in this thread. That is usually where the deep water runs.
  8. Any update? What I envisioned in reading your ideas (which I've just now seen here) was Christopher Alexander's, A Pattern Language. You are starting out at the "towns and communities" level and here the patterns are beginning to be laid, such as say, a rigid, grid-like conception coming from doing it all in once with a godlike overview, or as organic and free-form morphing over time and by necessity of collaborations with the life and the buildings occurring around you and how to fit with that evolution in form of patterns and uses. This is as any growing community will do over time and necessity. I found myself thinking oh, I would want to build Miss Pitty Pat's house on PeachTree Street. It was of course only a dirt lane at that time in Atlanta when the defeated Confederates straggled tragically back into the city past that house wherein Scarlett O'Hara lived with her aunt and stoodon the porch that day to watch in horror. Oh, how Peachtree Street is different today than when Miss Pitty's bungalow sat and horse buggies passed by. But too, A Pattern Language is filled with stunning micro examples of how people, doing just as you envision in your experiment except extended over a span of history, tended to create organic structures to fit with organic needs and expediencies of any particular time in both for external and internally linked utility and as integrated aesthetically. Such a uniqueness of living found in that study of Alexander's and the patterns he isolated out of it. Its a new world today, different ideas and technologies and different organics. Would be fun to see what you have done so far.
  9. Please. This does not convey the full risks alluded to by the poster. Today's cities all over the USA are being locked down by ransomware intruders with remarkable persistence. Risks today are broad, and to believe LL is immune because of your perception some DDoS preventions is to be living in a dream world. As for Goggle, you choose your own poison.
  10. Relax and get used to it. I have a friend who keeps her hover slider open on her screen (well, minimized up to one corner) so she can make adjustments on the fly. Some shoes require a slight adjustment, some floors are different, etc. plus she is picky and loves to sit right in all occasions. Hah. Works for her.
  11. I will say that from my observation, the options are so many and the great results you encounter among others in world are so complicatedly constructed -- even if by done by haphazard accident, the arrangements themselves are complex because the ability to customize is wide, the sliders are sensitive, the combinations so broad, and that means even if you bought all the things that went in to making that ONE avatar you saw in world, you might find you can't seem to ever duplicate it. You would almost need a list of some 20 or 40 exact factors and minute adjustments or MORE to duplicate in minute detail that which you saw, if you could even get such a list. That is a high bar. Mesh body components can look very similar in world or they can look highly individualistic because of the attentions different people apply to them in different ways. That brings a final point. Creating avatars is essentially the work of art, and art is never just duplicating a mental vision you hold because creativity always entails exploration and discovery, and that opens attractive unexpected pathways you hadn't foreseen and that catch your attention and your wonder. So while trying to make a face look exactly one particular ideal way you might accidentally discover real surprises that marvel and attract you in different ways. If you then turned your attention to that and pursue it and build upon it and then use it a while, you will likely in time look back at that one ideal you held in such esteem and realize you like what you have put together even better. To my mind, this is how art works -- yes it's conception and approach but it is also about discovery and snatching that little golden ring from the dragon's lair when you stumble upon it. And, thanking the goddess as you dash away with it.
  12. Re: Mackbook. Have you tried installing Windows on your Pro via bootcamp in order to play SL? I did that on an iMac a few years back and it brought a marvelous boost to using SL. I didn't bother to quantify it, i just enjoyed it until later I built a strong PC for gaming. They way I run macs is like... a 3 year old Mackbook Pro would be still super. Don't know what performance you are getting in SL with it, but I would certainly love to hear how installing Windows as above suggest would boost your performance.
  13. ... and maybe clearing Inventory cache? Also, I would get a redelivery on the mesh body, delete the old one and just start again. I suspect something upstream like your connection and settings might be involved, but only a guess. Also, I must say the one responder above with the snide attitude clearly has personal issues and has polluted 5 hours of this post. Surprised s/he has taken those useless responses down yet. Fully an embarrassment.
  14. And this IS the issue. LL needs to hire a skilled writer with IQ enough to synthesize complexities into thorough simplicities. Yes, I am available.
  15. Well yes. Because isn't the only way to transfer your lindens into your Tilia account a process step done on the cash out page, or whatever that page is called? And say, you transfer some lindens into this holding Tilia account, but later decide to pull them back out. What then? Is there a fee applied? Is it even possible to pull them back? Has a tax liability occurred once they reach the Tilia account? No big questions, but is this explained somewhere?
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