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  1. And this IS the issue. LL needs to hire a skilled writer with IQ enough to synthesize complexities into thorough simplicities. Yes, I am available.
  2. Well yes. Because isn't the only way to transfer your lindens into your Tilia account a process step done on the cash out page, or whatever that page is called? And say, you transfer some lindens into this holding Tilia account, but later decide to pull them back out. What then? Is there a fee applied? Is it even possible to pull them back? Has a tax liability occurred once they reach the Tilia account? No big questions, but is this explained somewhere?
  3. The Gatcha trick, exposed. Number 1, is very cool and appealing graphics. You gotta hand it to 'em, they do that very well, and it makes you want what you see. That's good work! 2, is that the machine gamble is a clever way of increasing volume, not steady lackadaisical sales in the normal sense, but whirlwinds of purchases in gusts and bursts of $Lindens pouring in. Than all goes quiet for a while. Yes, the uncertainty of this kind of purchasing from a consumer standpoint is rather unsavory to me and many others, but.... there it is. Take it or leave it. 3, is that those who decide to gamble their way through and achieve that rare item depicted so enticingly, take their product along with a chestfull of all the unwanted parts and pieces, and off they go. Now that's HIGH sales volume per point sales! Sure those customers can go resell those unneeded items, and believe the Gatcha folks are wayyy cool with that, since you are doing sales for them (as alluded to, above). Now, that's technique! Unsavory still, to me. But... it is what it is. This goes back to the Old Arabian Markets, and Kipling's Kim and ancient Rome. 4, is that I always thought some of the clothes didn't actually fit that well. You now can find fitted mesh for your avatar but still, is it really all that well fitted? That's real potential downside since there are no Demos to try on. 5, I forget ..if there is a 5th... just fill it in for me here >>..... SO, the appeal of gatcha marketing is the appeal of the carnival, the lights and spinning wheels, the cotton candy and the chili dogs. You spend a little more than you intended. You fall immersed in the unique visuals. It's a thing! But hell... it's the Carnival! That's gatcha! Almost short for gotcha.
  4. Don't forget the mermaids beneath Blake Sea (I think it was). They are down there, avatars, a whole culture, and they are beautiful, especially in those last moments before you drown.
  5. The great threat to human generated passwords, of course, is when the hosting site is breached and their database of hashed passwords stolen. Then, it’s a matter of minutes before it can be subjected to any variety of offline cracking techniques and myriad dictionaries, and 70% of passwords likely cracked within minutes. The mention of MD5 here is not a comforting thought. So, either our personal passwords are exceedingly, exceptionally and cleverly tough strings of pure jibberish, or our host site is using the top current strongest hashing technique to front line shield us, or else, we are just going to get pwned. That's probably the best way to think about this when considering your password regime. You would expect robust cracking attempts on sties where banking and currency are involved, including Second Life. Under such attacks only a tiny percentage of hashes (in the single digits) will be unresolved.
  6. Regarding your personal vulnerability via your IP address, he can see where you live down to the neighborhood. With Google streetview he can traverse up and down those streets viewing what the Google cam recorded and look at all the houses around you, even your own, and will not know which it is. He can learn quite a bit such as nearest supermarkets, gas stations, routes into town. I do not wish to alarm, just telling you the obvious. What I find curious is how he might get your IP address by having access to your account? Any help on that from anyone? Edit: You see there is a very good chance this man is a liar and a bully. It would be helpful to the OP if we can shoot holes thru that IP claim. But can we?
  7. re: mentors, Yeah see, mentors should have no power, only their own eagerness and love of helping others because it's fun to them. It's fulfilling and sparks a raw energy every time, as if bringing sight to the blind. I know some, who will try to mentor newbies every time they meet one, because SL is too valuable to waste and a noob is feeling around to perceive the imperceptible potentialities they've heard, or intuited, are out there. It's not land that draws them, it's not even the avatar yet that holds them, it's a sense of some connection that must await them, somewhere, some reason to stay another 5 minutes and another 10 that turns into a decade. That's what mentoring is for. Not just some info bot, but an inspirational force. There are only a few such. Give them no power; give them a stipend if you wish, that would make sense. And they probably won't even care about that, but it's one reason for someone to agree to a schedule. But the coolest, most curious oddity of all is that one good mentor can bring you others. One could write a dissertation on the newbie phenomenon in Second Life, because noobs all fall within a basket of certain potentialities -- some are only curious and of varying patience, some just want to mess around an hour and bug people, others are willing to perceive a depth of possible richer experiences, of fantasy dramas, and yet don't know quite how to get there yet, and so on. If you compiled a basic list of human interests that can work inside virtual worlds, food is not one of them so you go down to the next item, SEX, and that works. And then you go down to say, motorcycles, oh yeah that works too, and then dancing and music and chatting, and flirting and romance and living in a city with civic responsibilities or immersing into a fantasy combat roleplay with a family to fight for and protect, and worlds upon worlds open up. That is what mentoring can do. Open some windows onto alien scenes all to be found inside this single entity called "Second Life." Such mentoring is valuable. It should not be left unharvested.
  8. C'mon people. There are cultural differences in the use of the word "house" in other languages as pertains to a man and his house, meaning his family. Posts here become jibberish so quickly and you give an honest OP gets jibberish for help.
  9. The poster was patient through a lot of jibberish. If she returns I want to suggest that you can download a vpn service in less than a minute, and for a few bucks a month secure your traffic from your computer to the vpn server of your choice somewhere in the world, then on to SL and back. This answers your concerns and thwarts the nosy guys around a university who are not criminal minded seeking bank accounts but are interested in the private lives of girls and how to snoop on them thru fun hacking. Only subscribe to a vpn that allows you to see the server list and the percentages of load on each server, so you can choose one in a good location and under light load each time you log in. I know of one such service and I won't mention it's name but I think it starts with "N" and ends with "n." Just choose one of their servers on their list that is close the the SL servers in San Francisco or else close to your own location so that traffic is most direct. You know there is no total security on the internet and don't need to be preached to and told snarkily to alter your behaviour. To answer your initial concern, this should ease your mind about local snoops on the university network. Best of luck, lass.
  10. Yes, the Gor Hub. And find the Gorean University, it has libraries you can use and offers classes that will teach you your role. Don't worry being a newbie. All Sl rps seek newbies and they are valued and needed. All will help you, because all have been newbies.
  11. My thought would be to enlarge the rp storyline shared by both these competing sims into one common roleplay encompassing both. You're sharing players anyway, and now all players can stay where they are yet enlarge their individual storylines and experiences to include people on both lands. Hard to see a downside to that. I once visited Gor where there were over 200 sims involved in the same roleplay, and you "traveled" from one land (sim) over to another land (sim) via roleplay departing by "ship" from a dock (teleporting) over to the other the dock (landing point) of a distant Gorean land. And the story continues on. You bring your creds and your history and your interests and your plots right along with you.
  12. If you have the original purchase then rezz the package again and Open, and copy to inventory as usual. Pull the screwed-up hair into Trash. Now wear your new one. I liked the redelivery idea too. That is so handy. As for your current conundrum, it sounds like when you clicked to Edit your hair for repositioning you might have inadvertently selected something else along with it that you didn't know. Say, an eyelash or a prime object many meters away it. This is common problem in cluttered areas, say in your home. That alone could prevent you from repositioning the hair if that unseen object has no permissions. One clue is where the positioning arrows are when you've clicked to Edit the hair. If they are a meter a way then you can suspect you might have snagged something unintentionally in your selection beam.
  13. I don't know if anyone mentioned these: 1. I suspect you can wear any skin. Have you tried going into your SL library in inventory and throwing one of those freebie skins to see if it works? It may be as simple as that and becomes of matter of just finding the skin you like. SL is full of skins, freebies and otherwise. 2. Omega has special applier HUDs for the different mesh bodies. You will need that. They have a centralized store in SL (I don't have the LM) and there you will find a huge array of HUDs for the different bodies. Maybe you'll find your body's Omega HUD there. There's a small purchase price I don't remember what it is.... maybe $200L? So, there is an impetus for Omega to build these applier HUDS. This may solve your issues with good fortune. If not now, maybe soon.
  14. You make a keen point, and my observation has been that Sansar seems built heavily upon the idea of group play. That is direly limiting. Philosophically, a game must catch and HOLD the new player. If those first few minutes are confusing, difficult, even overwhelming and unpromising, then you lose some new people who never come back. Thus, the second aspect , holding the new visitor, is THE most important one. Catching new visitors from Steam is a fine idea, but that's only the baby step. That second one is the killer. >> Edit: To elaborate an unspoken point. A third of the population is introverted, meaning 2/3s are extroverts. Marketing only to 2/3's is a mistake. Oddly, the introvert thrives in Second Life, because it's not limited nor specialized -- it's a broad open canvas with ample tools. Introverts make friends in SL easily and quickly because you aren't overwhelmed by the jabbering extroversion you see at the SafeHubs or that I watched in the early Sansar introductory Youtubes. That doesn't attract; it in fact, detracts. The PR message must never be: "Come join the mindless jabber of new friends, because it's FUN, and we know that's what you want." No. You gotta do better than that.
  15. One place to learn about this is to talk to some DJs. They've experienced it all. There are many in world right now if you can get one to give you a little advice. Good luck.
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