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  1. Is Dawn good looking, and will she sleep with me?
  2. Not many people know this as a fact, but Second Life actually began in 1982. It could take as long as 90 minutes to access this blocky, unstable world by modem, but boy was it worth it when connection was made! Here is an old advert for SL, from a 1982 US computer magazine:  Popular things to do on SL back then included: * Fly over the Berlin Wall * Go disco dancing at 'Studio 93' * Buy some shoes...for 1,000,000 L$! * Meet Virtual ET on his alien planet sim! * Visit the BRITISH BULLDOG skinhead pub There were approximately 290 residents for the whole of 1982. Last name choices included: Bl
  3. I've earned about 25,000L doing this in one week. It's all about technique...and using the right rod for the job. Vinxent9 wrote: well i'm just starting fish hunt lately and i want to know guys how much can you earn from fish hunt??
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