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  1. Are you sure about this? Do you have a source to prove this? If you don't have a source? Why are you putting it off as factual?
  2. nope Okay wait a minute hold a second here: What stalking and what lying? Show what you're talking about? You've got nothing.
  3. In fact: You have been doing nothing but post insults and accusations (one after the other this morning) towards me without really, anything to show for it. What do you have t'show for your constant negative posts towards me? Did my right to reply to whoever I decided make you cry or something? Seriously Sit Down.. Edit: Seriouslly sit down with all that carrying on and hoot n'nanny and what not... lol
  4. Nope. I'm not harrassing or flaming at all. In fact I could say: You're harrassing me with accusatory anecdotes based on hearsay and conjecture.
  5. Cherry-pick all you want; changes nothing; I've won.. Oh btw didn't you also edit some typos of your own earlier? couldv'e sworn. Here let me head-stick you a song "Little River Band - Lonesome Loser" Once again: Sincerely, Devan Miami
  6. And I counter argue: I'm am not a troll and that I retain the right to post "Anything and Everything" (that is well within the Second Life's TOS, or any TOS of any online grid, game, forum, ect, or other public communities) to anyone's or induvidual's reply as were replying is allowed anywhere on the internet for as many times as I please. And I stick by that 100%" Therefore I conclude: you are accusing me of trolling and that's slander. There is nowere in the TOS that limits the amount of multiple replies to someone else's multiple replies in Second Life as far as I've been able to read. So I will tell you this: I'll basically do as I please and I don't need your permission. Once again: Sincerely, Devan Miami ETA: I have Persians to go kill. In other words, i've wasted enough time on "losers" this evening. Laters. This is why I conclude you see?: You have resorted to insult tactics: Which means I have won the arguement.
  7. Then I suggest you take it easy and watch what you say openly.
  8. ..how could I possibly see anything you post (towards me) sincere? Sincerely, Devan Miami EDIT: ..how could I possibly take anything you post (towards me) serious?
  9. Maybe you're right. Maybe the Lindens actually do in fact remove posts every hour, minute, second, nano-second by the day. Most certainly wouldn't want that job. Here let me head-stick you a song: Sailing by Christopher Cross.. Enjoy. Sincerely, Devan Miami
  10. That statement of yours is simply "anecdotal" as you have obviously proved otherwise; as your last few posts are evident and I'm not reporting them as I want many to see this.. Again: Sincerely, Devan Miami P.S. Thank you.
  11. Please please please relax... Zen... All is zen.. Budha; chant; meditate; The Sea and the Ebb & Flow of it all blowing through the vastness between one's ears! There's no need for that kind of reponse, was there? Think not.. Thank you very much?
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