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  1. YOU GENIUS!!! That was it, whenever I add the clothes for SOME reason they are being added as a HUD! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I don't suppose you know how to check which slot they will be added to if you just right click > add?
  2. It doesn't unfortunately, first thing I tried. I am in contact with SL support now and they are going to investigate for me Thanks for the reply though!
  3. Just a follow up also I logged my main character in on the basic secondlife viewer to make sure it wasn't firestorm not loading it correctly or something and the clothes still don't work.
  4. On the SL client I put all the settings to absolute max so I can make sure its not an issue there.
  5. Here is another example, different creator and completely different items. Same issue.
  6. I tried the fixes in the article you linked ( Thank you by the way for the help ) and it doesn't seem to make any difference so what I have done is made a new account to give me an "outside perspective" and I indeed can not see my clothes! I am using firestorm on the left and on the right the basic SL Launcher ( Although I know this is also a problem with people on firestorm so I don't think it is anything launcher specific )
  7. Nobody seems to be able to see my clothes at all, I can see everything absolutely fine but nobody else can. Edit : This only affects certain clothing items but I keep coming across it now and wondering if its something I am doing, nobody seems to know what is happening.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a really strange issue, some of my clothes don't show up for anyone else, I can wear them and see them just fine but nobody else does, this can lead to some embarrassing moments where I think I am fully clothed and I am actually walking around completely naked for everyone else haha. I have tried rebaking/refreshing everything but it doesn't make any difference, it is all relatively new stuff I am wearing that has the issue. Has anyone ever had this issue? I am using Firestorm viewer by the way.
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