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  1. I need to make new friends too. Feel free to reach out.
  2.  Hey guys, I am not the club owner. Just a girl who hangs out there. Just wanted to invite more guys and gals over since the club just opened. Here is some info. Swing by and fill us with your **bleep**. We do not charge but we do appreciate tips. **** NEW - OPENED SEPTEMBER 15TH 2016 **** Welcome to CORISSA'S CREAMPIE CLUB a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Home to the "CREAMPIE CONCUBINES" who offer the "Full Girlfriend Experience" or "GFE" equivalent. Their primary desire is to please their men in any way that is desired. Each girl may have her own restrictions but for the most part you will find us exotic and erotic playmates with a desire to please you. OUR CONCUBINES DO NOT CHARGE FLAT RATES for certain activities, all time with a girl is for mutual pleasure whether there is financial consideration or not. If a girl pleases you, please consider tipping her appropriately (see rule 4) and pass along comments to Corissa or Derik. ************************ GENERAL RULES FOR ALL: 1. This is an adult SIM for players 18 years old or older. All participants in the SIM are required to adhere to Linden Labs TOS. Age play and Child AVI's are prohibited from this SIM. The owners and staff of the SIM reserve the right to ask or eject any AVI that is or appears to be in violation of this rule.. 2. Rude and degrading behavior (unless agreed upon with a specific girl for RP purposes) will NOT be tolerated and may result in an immediate BAN. 3. You are meant to enjoy your time, not have drama and fights. Keep anything like that between yourselves. Violation will get you warned then possibly banned. 4. We all understand that RL comes before SL so sudden departures sometimes happen. Both girls and guys are expected to try to communicate if a sudden departure or "AFK" is required. Nobody likes to be about to orgasm then see a cloud poof away. Repeated issues will result in you being asked to find another place to play. ************************ FOR GIRLS: 1. All Concubines must use a fertility HUD, either Mama Allpa, Deciduan, Tantra, SSN HUD or A&E (see Staff if you don't have links, a kiosk for Mama Allpa and Deciduan can be found on the premises) 2. Girls are encouraged to have a notecard or communicate with the man about any limits you have. You may not refuse a man regardless of your fertility status. If you get pregnant it is your choice to continue it or choose otherwise. There is a full service maternity clinic on the premises. 3. If a man or men are rude and go outside your limits please report them to Derik, Corissa or assigned security for action. You do not have to put up with assholes unless it is your desire! ********************* FOR MEN: 1. Men you may use a condom or go bareback, the choice is yours. None of the girls will refuse you regardless of the time in their cycle or if they have a boyfriend or husband. 2. In respect of Rule 1, Men are politely asked to refrain from MSOG to attempt to breed. Be realistic. If you can't **bleep** 20x in 10 seconds in RL don't do it in SL. At most we would expect 2 or 3 orgasms from a man before he needs an energy drink or rest...LOL 3. When you are with a girl there is no time limit. But be aware that if your role play isn't up to snuff the girl retains the right to gently encourage you or try with someone else. 4. There are no flat rates, we are GFE but generous TIPS are appreciated and you will find the girls more willing to make your time unforgettable and see you again. *************************************************************** *** CORISSA'S CONCUBINES - A PRIVATE GROUP (currently) *** *************************************************************** Corissa's Concubines is a group related to the Creampie Club. The primary purpose of the group is to distinguish certain roles for RP and to establish a means of communication for all fans of the club. Want to join our group? It's simple ask the club owners, security or a concubine. They'll send you an invite. *********************** CREAMPIE ADDICT: This is the tag given to anyone belonging to the group. People in this group have expressed interest in the club and would like to be informed about events, participate in a groups discussion or working towards the 'Concubine' tag. Addicts may use all the facilities at the SIM and are also able to sign in the tip jars to collect payments from clients. Currently, all tips all go to the girls. 100% The house doesn't take any cut. *********************** CREAMPIE COCUBINE: Are at the core of the SIM. These are escorts who have made themselves available to any CLUB VIP upon request. If the Concubine is not engaged with another client, they cannot refuse the request of a CLUB VIP. At the SIM they must always have a fertility hud on and it should always be in forced or lockable mode. The CLUB VIPs are not required to wear any protection. The risk of unprotected sex falls on the burden of the CREAMPIE CONCUBINE to manage. A client will never know if a concubine is on the pill. ;) *********************** CLUB VIP: This tag acknowledges the frequent male patrons of the club. Because of their patronage, they receive preferential treatment from our concubines and staff. *********************** CLUB SECURITY: These men are hired to keep the club a safe place. They have the ability to bounce bad actors from the club. They also take liberty with the female staff from time to time. *********************** BUSTY BARTENDER: Our friendly bartenders do more than serve drinks. They're the smiling face as you enter the club. *********************** EXOTIC DANCER: These girls like to shake their stuff. They're not escorts so they might not play offstage. Though, it doesn't hurt to ask. *********************** Doctor: Or resident doctors are here to assist our girls at the clinic. There is no fee for group members for services rendered. The current lead physician is Dr. Allie Rexen. *********************** Creampie Nurse: Always willing to give a helping hand among other things.
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