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  1. Thanks for your interest i have this taken care of
  2. I have this taken care of thanks for the info was not hard i as i thought
  3. Looking for a DJ Intro Creator To Create 3 Intros. And possibly more Please message me here or use Notecard with your fees please
  4. Hello I'd Like to Hire a Clothing Creator to make a High Quality Mesh and classic SL Male/Female T-shirt/Tanktop all Sizes. For a New Club Please drop me a message here or Notecard and let me know your fees
  5. Hello I'm Opening up a club and need a Logo made I have some Background Images I'd like to have the name of Club Fancied up and blend into the Image put Readable and Unique. If this is Something you can do please contact me here or Through a Notecard and let me know what you Charge.
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